Love. Love. Love. A Collection of Mindfulness Poetry by Kim Nicole – A Sacred Space of Spiritual Awareness and Reflection

Love. Love. Love. A Collection of Mindfulness Poetry: To love is to be kind is the remarkable new collection from Kim Nicole. This is a striking, beautiful compilation of poems that invite the readers into her inner world, creating a sacred space full of spiritual awareness. This poetry collection captures the attention and hypnotizes the reader from the very first word.


This poetry book reflects the author’s life in a very sincere way. It focuses on both the joyful experiences she has had and the suffering she, like all others, has had to endure. The poems are a uniquely exquisite way to share her life and cultivate the quiet wisdom that the practice of mindfulness has brought her.

Mindfulness has long been a part of Kim Nicole’s life, and the best aspects of this practice shine in this poetry collection. Mindful poems are kind and inspiring, full of quiet truth and soft compassion. Beyond being just pieces of art, they also introduce the readers to a meditative state that can promote introspection, a glance into what one’s true nature is.

The collection centers on themes of spiritual awakenings and the awareness of one’s Buddha nature, a unique interconnected experience shared between reader and writer. Kim offers a work that is sure to encourage each member of her audience to turn inwards and meditate, practice mindfulness, and reflect on who they are. The collection becomes a way of building community and sharing something deep and meaningful with each person. It’s about being present in the here and the now and letting go of judgment in favor of compassion, an attitude that is illustrated in the beautiful, meditative poems that Kim Nicole creates.

Kim Nicole is a poet who spends her time between Asia and the United States. She is a practitioner of many things, but especially yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and, of course, the writing of mindfulness poetry. In her professional life, she is a licensed social worker, a yoga specialist with a 500 RYT certification, and a graduate of the two-year training program, the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, created by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Since childhood, the artist has been fond of traveling. As a member of a military family, she would change residence a lot, and this is something that is also true of her adult self. She has lived in the UAE, in the US, and in different places across Asia. In a year, Kim Nicole is likely to be living somewhere else.


Nicole’s work is sure to be enjoyed by fans of poetry and those with a deep-seated interest in spirituality. The mindful poems serve as a path to meditation and can encourage people to cultivate their own spiritual practices as part of a community, fostering reflection, introspection, and the practice of being present in the here and now. You can find the book on AmazonBarnes & Noble and Goodreads.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Nicole. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Kim, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do. 

Hi, I am a poet based in Asia and the USA. I passionately practice yoga, mindfulness/ meditation, and writing mindfulness poetry. There is hope in being in the now. Living with mindful intention creates interconnectedness, kindness, and compassion for us all. I believe my mindfulness poetry can have a positive impact and support others on their path of spiritual awareness.

My practice of mindfulness and meditation has been a journey of self-discovery and profound healing. Learning how to skillfully turn towards the challenges of life with kindness and compassion has transformed my life. Excited to share my experiences through mindfulness poetry, I hope I can be a support to others on their path of spiritual exploration.   

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in this field. Enjoying a long-time practice of yoga, I hold a 500 RYT certification. 

A seeker of kind wisdom, I am an alumnus of the 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program created by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and certified by both the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

I have always lived the life of a wanderer from a young age. Growing up in a military family, the need to travel and learn about other cultures has never left me. I have had residence in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and now Asia. Who knows where I will be a year from now!

I enjoy writing poetry, living my practice of mindfulness and yoga, and traveling the world, re-discovering myself at each turn of life. Happily, partnered with my soul mate, we enjoy a wonderful life just being in the moment.

Please tell us about your book, Love. Love. Love. A Collection of Mindfulness Poetry.

Love. Love. Love. A Collection of Mindfulness Poetry illustrates the joys and sufferings of my life through the medium of mindfulness poetry. Creating a sacred space for readers to connect and inquire into their own path of spiritual awareness and quiet wisdom. The experience of mindfulness poetry is kind, inspiring, truthful, and compassionate. Not just mere words but language carefully selected to evoke a quiet introspection into our true nature. Our Buddha nature.

We are awakened to a journey of interconnectedness. Creating, flourishing, loving on a profound level. My hope is to build community with you, sharing our joys and sufferings on this parallel path of spiritual awakening. For all beings seeking to live fully in each moment, may you be inspired and connect with your heart.

Please tell us about your journey. 

My journey has been guided by my quiet wisdom. Trusting my quiet wisdom/ my highest self has created a life of purpose, authentic and kind relationships, and peace even when life creates obstacles on my path. 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Strategies that have helped me become successful on my journey are the following:

a. I always listen to my highest self, even if it goes against all logic.  

b. I try to use wise speech. I am conscious of the impact my words, thoughts, and behavior have on myself and others. It can be challenging, and I try to remind myself that kindness, truth, and compassion connect us and raise us up.

c. Sacred pause: I practice pausing throughout the day. Checking in on myself and asking myself- “How am I feeling? How does my body feel? Am I being kind and compassionate to myself and others?”

d. I trust the authority within myself and not outside of self.  

e. Meditate daily, which includes a formal meditation practice and my yoga practice.

f. I surround myself with kind people who uplift and celebrate me.

g. Speak my truth with kindness and have healthy and strong boundaries.

h. Never give up. Keep trying. Consistency is key. I am always making mistakes, learning, and growing. It is human nature to fall and get back up again. Just do it with kindness and non-judgment.

Thank you so much, Kim, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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