Joe Stokes shares how to manifest your heart’s desires in his book, ‘The Quantum Side of Addiction’

The Quantum Side of Addiction: The Mind The CPU of the Gods is the new release from Joe Stokes. It is a new book that offers insights into the topics of manifestation. It is meant for people who want to unlock a new vision of their lives through the spiritual and esoteric aspects. The book is a recent 2022 release that offers a lot of novel ideas and inspiration for people who seek out love and abundance in their daily lives.

Stokes describes his book as being for anyone, especially for those who are experiencing addiction, an issue that the author himself has also faced. He also views it as a guide to achieving love and abundance through understanding the spiritual center of the universe. Stokes talks about manifestation and the law of attraction, which he views as the key to manifesting true and honest desires and unlocking the new mysteries of life.


The guide is meant to help people understand their minds and their experiences through the lens of the law of attraction and pursue their dreams by getting a sense of how their mind operates. Stokes defines the mind as the CPU of the gods, something that operates on a universal series of codes and offers a lot to the people who can unleash and understand the wisdom behind them.

Joe Stokes, also known as JoeFrank, is a Baltimore native. He has faced a lot of trials and tribulations in his life. But he has been able to overcome these issues and change his everyday life to reflect the wisdom of the quantum side. After he hit rock bottom, he has been rising and now is offering this book as a way of sharing his wisdom and experience with others. He offers a guide, a blueprint to achieving love and abundance in the same way that helped him, and explores the quantum side, taking the readers on a novel journey.


This book can benefit readers who want to explore themes of manifestation and the law of attraction, as well as those who want to understand addiction from this side of the spectrum. It is sure to be interesting for readers who want to understand Stokes’s journey from addiction to abundance and discover a blueprint that might fit their own lives. Stokes offers interesting ideas on the laws of the universe and explores what the law of attraction has done for him from his own experience.


You can get a greater understanding of the concepts Joe uses by following his YouTube channel and listening to his talks, as Stokes is also a speaker as well as an author focused on transformation. Here, he develops more his ideas and offers inspirational content centered on discovering and exploring the laws of the universe as per the model of the law of attraction.


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