Gimbal – The Spirits of Glaciers by Jean M. Nelson and Natasha L. Nelson promises a lot of mystery and romance

Gimbal – The Spirits of Glaciers is the new release from Jean M. Nelson and Natasha L. Nelson, who are offering an exciting adventure full of romance and thrills.

This is the story about a man and a power. The man was called Mougfa, and he was able to travel to different times and places to protect himself from danger. Once, he saw a wounded man in a valley and helped him, too, through this power, choosing to help those in need. 

But what is his power? It is a way of summoning the power of a spirit called Gimbal, an ancient entity of the Lexian world galaxy. But as Mougfa used it more and more, Gimbal became part of his own inner spirit.

This story promises a lot of mystery, excitement, and romance, an adventure across different places and even different times. And the authors are experts at telling stories. Jean M Nelson is a creative working across industries, including music, photography, and film, which has helped me gain recognition on the Hollywood scene. He specializes on directing, editing, and writing. Meanwhile, Natasha L Nelson is also a top-tier writer, artist, and movie producer. She was born in Jamaica but has been living and building her career in the United States for many years. Both serve as co-authors but also collaborators on a variety of projects, including films like The Passion of Love and The Wonders of the Witches. They have also collaborated in the release of music albums and other artistic projects, making them a multitalented dynamic duo. In addition to their working relationship, the two are life partners.

The book is somewhat of a departure for the Nelson pair in regards to their other endeavors. However, it is part of their ongoing literary work that is meant to shine a spotlight on their literary talents. Gimbal is set to be only the first in a series of books that are sure to provide a lot of entertainment and exciting narratives, as well as a unique way of viewing the world. Both authors stand out for their artistic ability and have a lot of imagination, as can be seen in other fantastic works, such as The Wonders of the Witches, which is one of their films, a short brimming with light and style. You can get it from the leading book retailer at Barnes and Noble

Gimbal is a thrilling read with a fascinating premise that is sure to interest any reader looking for something to engage them and also provide a unique perspective on the world, with a deeper meaning and something to reflect upon as well as entertain. It is sure to be followed by new thrilling releases from these artists.


We had the pleasure of interviewing the author, Natasha L Nelson. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Hi Natasha, Please share with our readers about youself.


Hi, I’m an Author, Actress, Film Producer, Writer, and Musical Artist/Singer. I wrote movies and love creating stories that anyone would enjoy. I am married to Jean M Nelson, in my view, he’s a musical genius, Author, artist, Writer, and Director. We have produced several projects together, from Films, Movie and Musical Album.


Please tell us about your book, Gimbal – The Spirits of Glaciers. 

Gimbal – The Spirits of Glaciers is a great love story with drama, action, and mystical magic. The story starts: Once there was a man called Mougfa, and he had power. This power allowed him to travel to different spaces of times each time he was in danger. He used this power often when he was in trouble. One day he saw a man wounded by a valley of the waterfall, and he used his power to save him. After many years of mastering the power, he decided to use it for good. This energy summoned the power of a spirit beyond his imagination called “Gimbal. “Gimbal was an ancient spirit from the old gods. Each time Mougfa used this energy, It summoned Gimbal forth. Later became one with Mougfa’s inner spirit without him noticing; he was losing a part of himself.

Please share with our readers about your journey.

Our journey started after my last project was called ‘The Wonders Of The witches.’ I approve of my husband with ideas of creating great books and stories that we share with the world. As a writer, you are always thinking of new ways to keep the audience with inspiring stories, So together, we began writing. Gimbal – The Spirits of Glaciers is one of many books we are writing, more great stories coming soon.

Any message for our readers.

We are hoping the audience will enjoy this great inspiring story. It’s a story of courage, strength, love, and eroticism. Stay tuned.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find out more about me here. This website also provides a catalog of the other works we have released and different projects across genres and mediums. 

You can also follow me on Instagram @natasha_l_nelson.

Thank you so much, Natasha, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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