Get to know about different perspectives on Voting in Roger Himes book – ‘A Voter’s Handbook: How Should I Vote? Liberal v. Conservative?’

Today, we are having an interaction with author Roger Himes, J.D., who has recently written the ebook – A Voter’s Handbook: How Should I Vote? Liberal v. Conservative

Please tell us something about yourself.

Most voters don’t understand voting issues. I’m a lawyer who understands issues and makes them easy to understand.
This is a presidential election year in the U.S., and understanding conservative v liberal issues is vital!
In fact, this is vital in any nation where the voters elect their politicians.

This PDF is free. I wrote a book years ago that follows this thinking: AMERICA: BACK TO THE BASICS.
My slogan was, “Campaigning for America, not for Political Office.”

Please tell us about your latest book: A Voter’s Handbook: How Should I Vote? Liberal v. Conservative?

We hear a lot mentioned about liberal v. conservative. But seldom is it presented in a concise way that discusses at least most of the issues, so we can understand them. What is the difference between them? It is my goal to contrast them in this book. Liberal v. Conservative is the model for how we think, reason, and vote. We must see how they are different.
You can read the book for FREE from my website.

Which social media channels work best for promoting your work?

I post spiritual and political messages daily on Facebook and Twitter.

So, is the book available on Amazon?

Roger Himes
Roger Himes

I am not on Amazon because I offer this book for free.


That’s nice! Thank you so much for your time! I am sure people will be benefited from reading your book.