Connect with Nature’s Wisdom in Deborah A. Frenette’s ‘How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins’

We had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah A. Frenette, Author of How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi Deborah, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hello, I am Deborah A. Frenette. I am a graduate of both university and college. Due to my telepathic connection with real dolphins in Cuba, my life changed dramatically, shifting my path from one of business and community work to one of healing and spirituality. I left the business world after 20 years to become a certified hypnotist. I trained in many types of energy healing techniques. My main training was in Hypnosis, NeuroModulation Technique, and the Natural Control Method, which are very effective treatments that activate my client’s own powerful healing channel, the Natural Control System. I teach the spiritual book, “A Course in Miracles.” I authored “How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins” and the upcoming “The Miracle of You: Your Secret System.”

Let me ask you if you could change your perspective on how to halt and manage environmental destruction with new insights, would you take a chance and reach out to skeptics? Our true-to-life experiences with dolphins created a burning flame in our souls to reach out and fan a spark of new hope and understanding in the hearts and minds of our fellow humans. Let down your guard and take a chance to learn about innovative ideas… about dolphins! Come along, open your mind, and realize and envision a radical new world with dolphins! Step into the 21st century!


Please tell us about your journey.

I was inspired to write my book by my truly amazing encounters with the dolphins and the all-consuming love I felt for them. These compelling events set fire to my soul, and I simply had to tell the story. I knew that I had a great responsibility to share the wondrous knowledge I gleaned from the dolphins. So, it’s a “how to” book; one critical goal was to show people how to connect with the dolphins telepathically and how to connect to other animals as well. I was compelled to share with other humans so as to give them the life-transforming energy and messages from the Dolphins. The book is a very reasonable price, and any profit made goes back to non-profit organizations. This book is a labor of love.

My late husband and I fell in love with the dolphins during our first honeymoon to Cuba. Interestingly, we both had read an article in a rather New Age magazine about a professor teaching students to communicate telepathically with dolphins. We were mentally prepared to experience telepathic communication by this article, yet we were unaware as to just what the Creator had in store for us!

Much to our surprise, upon our arrival at our resort in Cuba, we found there was a tour to a natural ocean aquarium…with dolphins! I felt a tingling shiver of excitement and anticipation, knowing we would be with real dolphins soon! Fate was intervening! The experience of getting to know these dolphins over three yearly visits in their natural ocean enclosure home was a life-altering one. We both realized that we needed to understand that we truly were spiritual beings and that the Living Earth was spiritual as well. We came to understand that the wisdom of our Earth’s indigenous peoples is meant to guide us and help us know who we are meant to be and how this connects to our life purpose. These are huge realizations that changed everything for us. Respect for the Earth and environmental action became paramount. Knowing our spiritual nature was never more important.

Please tell us about your book, How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins.


In my book, I write about the importance of dolphins to humanity. I believe the Dolphins are our counterparts, the people of the sea. Everyone knows that they’re highly intelligent beings. Not everybody knows the depth and breadth of their compassion for people and for each other. I believe that Dolphins contribute to our well-being by teaching us that we live on a breathing-conscious planet and that we too are part of this living organism, our Earth. I’ll be bold and say that dolphins and people should be communicating with each other as equals. Telepathy is one way to do this. We need to develop these skills so that we don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn from and communicate with the most intelligent creatures in the sea.

This story is all about a particularly profound moment I experienced while being with a wild dolphin. This experience occurred a year after our last encounter with dolphins in Cuba. Walking the beach in South Carolina, I’d fervently send out through telepathy positive thoughts, messages, and love to the dolphins in the ocean. I requested to experience them in their ocean home. I knew that they were out there, as I could see their fins above the water, and I longed to connect with them. I waited in vain that day for my opportunity to be with the dolphins.

The next morning, my late husband and I were walking along the beach when suddenly, we noticed a midsize dolphin swimming alone along the beach. I was absolutely thrilled. I ran over to the dolphin. She was so close to the shore. I was worried she was going to the beach herself. She turned on her side and really looked at me. I was thrilled, and I could tell that she was sending my love by the sparkle in her eyes and the way she tossed her head and her tail. The dolphin was just laughing with me and having a marvelous time. And we stayed that way for several minutes! In the back of my mind, I worried, what if she gets stuck on the beach? But it didn’t happen, and eventually, she went back out into the deep water with a flip of her tail. I was euphoric, and no state laws were broken. The dolphin chose to visit with me under her own steam so as to connect with me in a very meaningful way.


Here are some editorial comments for “How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins”

“Everyone loves dolphins and wants to connect with our higher powers and here’s how.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, #1 New York Times Best-selling author, Chicken Soup for the Soul TM

“Open this book, open your heart, and allow Deborah’s dolphin love story to lead you to your “Joy of Meditating” experience. Be swept away with sheer dolphin energy and the simple joy of connection with our Living Earth”

– Sally Merrill Redfield, the author of The Joy of Meditating, The Celestine Meditations, Meditations for the 10th Insight and Creating a Life of Joy: Meditative Guide.

“In this book, Deborah Frenette, caring about the Earth, shines throughout her portrayal of the loving communication between humans and dolphins. Frenette presents our universe as not only interconnected but also fuelled by the power of spiritual love, love that heals and comforts the hurts we carry within ourselves.”

– Professor Ben Carniol, author of Case, Critical: Challenging, Social Services in Canada, fourth edition

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Listening to my intuition! The role of a writer has always been in my soul. English and biology were always my favorite subjects in high school. From a young age, I had a very strong interest in English. Deep in my heart, I knew that I would always write a book. In fact, my favorite English teacher in grade school suggested I’d become a writer. It wasn’t my first career choice, however. I became a writer much later in life. In grade school, I was interested in biology. I was really interested in trying to become a marine biologist. But It wasn’t feasible in my teen years to aspire to attend university.

I spend time connecting with the outdoors, flowing with my bliss. In my free time, I love to be out in nature and communicate with animals. Whenever I can, I’m in the sea, swimming and sending messages to the creatures in the ocean. I enjoy breathtaking experiences with such communication. I also enjoy sports like bike riding, staying fit at the gym, hiking, swimming, skiing, sailing, and the great outdoors. I have a little service dog. He is a 10-pound toy poodle, and we are very connected. I am a grandmother of two young children, to my unfettered joy. I continue to write and read daily.

I commit to humanity and to sharing my truths and experiences. I am on the verge of publishing my next book, “The Miracle of You: Your Secret System.” The dolphin connection propelled me to expand my mind and discover my Spiritual self. Everything changed. Now we realized that we were spirits in a body, and we both needed healing, both physical and spiritual. My late husband’s health needs propelled me to the role of reluctant healer. Learning the absolute truth about the secret healer within allowed me to be a catalyst to heal the impossible, pushing me into becoming a practitioner. These new ways of thinking led us to the authentic secret of the new century, the Natural Control System within. My book shares true stories of healing the impossible in both people and animals. Time to let go of old-fashioned ideas about how we heal and open our hearts and minds to the secret system within, the Natural Control System! Join me; come find out about the true secret of natural health to people of our Earth and their animals.

Any messages for our readers?

Everybody has busy lives. Many people work to live rather than live to work. We all get caught up in the chase for the necessities of life and then more and more material goods. But eventually, even the richest amongst us start to feel empty and long to understand why we are here. I believe that interspecies communication and love can have a major impact on people becoming connected with animals and our Earth and having a more fulfilling, enriched spiritual experience on this Earth plane. So many are searching for purpose; however, we can miss this important passage of life if our minds are blocked to the innovative adventures that are really happening in the world! Take your place in it and open your mind; come and learn this new perspective and try it for yourself!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can find the book on Amazon or you can visit the Facebook for more information.

Thank you so much, Deborah, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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