Author Mujahid Bakht Unveils ‘EMPOWER-LIGHT’: A New Era in Sustainable Women’s Fitness

Recognized author Mujahid Bakht is releasing his new book, EMPOWER-LIGHT SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS & HEALTH FOR WOMEN. This is a comprehensive guide to female fitness that provides effective, powerful strategies for managing not just weight but also improving overall health and emotional well-being to ensure consistent and effective results and a better quality of life. The book seeks to empower women to build habits and goals that will lead them on the path to better situations and quality of life.

The guide offers a path forward to achieve a variety of health goals, with a particular focus on fitness and weight management. The goals are meant to help women of all ages and fitness levels improve their health and create sustainable habits. Rather than promote a fad diet that can give short-term improvement, it focuses on long-term objectives and on creating habits guaranteed to make a difference throughout life.

Bakht is an expert in female health and also has a lot of expertise on the topic of weight management, one of the thorniest and most emotionally fraught issues for women today. The goal is always to create sustainable and achievable goals that are in line with women’s overall health and not detrimental to it, so this book offers a comprehensive guide that goes beyond the basics and provides opportunities to develop a personalized regime. In addition to the guidance it offers for habits, it also helps learn which diet and exercise practices might be harmful and unsustainable. There is a lot of focus on helping each reader personalize her routine and make habits that work for her needs and limitations. 

EMPOWER-LIGHT is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as the philosophy behind the book understands that each woman is different. Each person has their own hormonal balance, metabolism, mental health, and other factors, which influence how they can gain and lose weight, how they can exercise, and what practices might be sustainable. Here, readers will find strategies that work for their daily lives and can be adapted to any routine. 

EMPOWER-LIGHT also centers on emotional well-being as an essential ingredient to sustainable weight loss and overall health. Readers will also discover and analyze this element of their overall well-being to achieve better results through a holistic approach.


The guide first walks women through a deep understanding of their body, metabolism, and hormones, as well as stress and the impact of mental health on other aspects of their well-being. Then, the guide helps each reader set herself up for success by building a solid plan to lose weight. The book also considers the basics of nutrition and the best eating practices, mindful eating, and the most effective exercise solutions as well. Bakht goes beyond this to also consider how to sustain weight loss and how to improve metabolism. The book also asks readers to consider their individual journey in the context of their communities.

The book is available on Amazon as a Paperback, Hardcover, or Kindle edition.

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