Ashley Griffin’s book ‘The Spindle’ is a dark retelling of the classic fairytale ‘Sleeping Beauty’!

Sleeping Beauty is a tale we all know, but now The Spindle is offering a new, dark retelling of the classic story that is sure to change readers’ perspectives forever. The Spindle is focused on the point of view of the dark fairy and weaves a masterfully complex world of Faeries, Celts, and magic that is sure to keep audiences spellbound throughout.

In the fifth century, the Faeries live in a world of Celts. These spirits are tasked with protecting the earth and every living creature, but now their work and their own selves are being forgotten and at risk of disappearing. Desperate to ensure their survival, Violet, the faerie of beauty, love, and dreams, gives a barren Queen a child, breaking a central law. Her sister Nor, the faerie of death, feared and shunned, now has to fix the mistake Violet made. As Princess Rose, wise and passionate, needs to be restored to her place in time, Nor faces an arrogant king, a poor gardener, so in love with a princess who should not exist, and other characters. As Rose is fated to become the greatest ruler of the kingdom, what will Nor do to protect the Faeries and fix what her sister has done?

Ashley Griffin offers a strong story that is held by a powerful and unique style with just enough detail to help readers feel immersed in this world of magic and survival. She successfully tackles complicated concepts, like mortality, and weaves in from a new perspective. The story takes readers across different eras and storylines, masterfully shaping each change to keep audiences fully engaged and hoping for more. 

The Spindle is sure to please fans of fairy tale retellings, full of novel concepts and perspectives that transform the classic tale into a wholly new experience. It is the exciting debut of Ashley Griffin, also known for her work on Broadway as a writer and a performer. This novel can also be recommended to fans of Ashley’s theatre works. In general, those who are looking for exciting fantasy with a different set of concepts and wildly novel ideas can find a lot to enjoy in The Spindle. Don’t miss out on discovering this new take on a classic story that turns it upside down and makes it more complex and fantastic.

If you want to feel the dark atmosphere of The Spindle, you can enjoy the book trailer here:


Ashley is also a YouTuber, and you can learn more about her journey as a writer and path to publication through her videos. 


If you enjoy this dark faerie story, make sure to follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleygriffinofficial. You can learn more about her at the official website. Stay tuned for more amazing projects as Ashley Griffin is putting her talents in storytelling to good use as a writer.


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