Anna Davis’s book ‘They’re Taking Me With! Miko’s Adventures & Basic Dog Care Tips’ is an innovative guide

They’re Taking Me With! Miko’s Adventures & Basic Dog Care Tips is an innovative guide for kids from Anna Davis. It combines a cute and heartwarming story from the perspective of Miko, the family dog, with actual tips about taking care of a dog, what pets need, and what makes them happy.

The book offers an adorable story centering on Miko. Miko loves her family and loves going along with them on whatever adventure they are having. She is happy on the beach and on hikes, and she loves to snuggle. Readers will follow Miko’s adventures and, along the way, effortlessly learn dog facts and ideas about how to care for a dog, all presented in an easy-to-digest way.


Most children want pets but don’t know or understand much about the responsibility. This guide is a good way of introducing the basics a kid has to know in order to feel more prepared. It is all presented in a way that is easy to understand, and that helps kids develop empathy for how dogs feel and how they might experience certain things. In addition, it can introduce children to the idea of taking care of a dog without lecturing them or boring them along the way.


This book is meant for beginner readers and can be enjoyed by parents and kids together as they follow Miko’s adventures and are introduced to dog facts and trivia, as well as to basic ideas about care. It is a fun way to understand that a pet will love you unconditionally but that you also need to provide for them and take care of their needs to ensure that they are as happy as Miko.

If your kid wants to get a dog or if the family has decided on a pet, this is a great introduction to prepare kids for what is going to happen. It ends with useful tips for dog care that the family can go through together and decide how best to care for the new family member. You can watch the book trailer here:


Miko’s story is sure to please kids and parents who love dogs and want to know more about them, as well as enjoy a heartwarming story of a pet’s adventure with her family. It will likely become a favorite and prepare kids to interact with a dog and know how to care for them in an effective way. Responsibility and unconditional love are the two things that define pet ownership, and this book finds a great balance between the two to offer something cute and sweet without glossing over the fact that dogs also have specific needs. For families with kids, this is a great option for a primer on dog care and might even surprise parents with some of the facts.

Learn more on the official website. You can purchase the book on Amazon and make sure to check out the positive reviews from satisfied readers and families!


We had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Davis. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Anna, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your journey.

I’ve always loved dogs. When I was 8, I lived in Israel and walked to school with my sister every day. One day, when I got to the school gate, I saw a group of people surrounding a small dog with big ears. She was lying on the ground. She didn’t have a collar. She was obviously a stray, and I could not imagine leaving her and going on with my day. So, I picked her up and ran home. I gave her to my mom. Before she could scold me for picking up a stray dog, let alone bring it home, I quickly asked her to keep it until I got home from school and ran back in time for the first bell.

That day in school was the longest day of my life. I ran home as soon as the last bell rang. To my delight, the dog was still there. She lived with us for 17 years more after that day. She immigrated with us to the USA. Her ears were so charming that we were convinced they were the reason that the airline staff let us take her with us in the cabin. She slept inside an opened backpack at our feet the entire flight.

After she died, I didn’t get another dog for 13 years. Then, in 2020, It was the start of the pandemic; almost everyone was home. My kids had been asking for a dog for years. After dog-sitting for our friends and family, we finally did it. We got our very own dog! 

We convinced ourselves that it would be good for us, we would go for more walks, we would get more exercise because the dog would need more walks, I would have a steady running buddy, and the kids would have a responsibility to take care of it as well.

I had applied to several shelters and dog rescue organizations but could not find a dog. Everyone was looking to adopt in the spring of 2020! Then I saw a post on Facebook in an Adopt Don’t Shop group that promotes adoption through rescuers, and that is how we found our Miko.

Miko came from Texas by way of New York and several foster homes. I made a 2-hour drive to Connecticut to meet a stranger who posted on Facebook who also drove 2 hours from New York. We met in a shopping plaza parking lot. I loaded Miko into my car and hoped for a quick drive home and that this decision was a good one.


Initially, Miko had separation anxiety. When we left her alone, she howled and pawed at the windows and doors. She tore off the living room blinds. With her humans, she behaved perfectly. Without us, she barked and was clearly in distress. In time, she learned that we do come back so being alone is now not an issue. Still, she is happiest when she is together with her family. She is most happy when all of us are together. She visibly relaxes when the final family member comes home for the night.

She has added so much joy and love to our house. She is such an MVP here that she inspired me to write a book from her perspective. The book also includes basic dog care tips so that if your child is asking to get a dog, it’s important to introduce them to the responsibility of caring for a dog. Dogs are incredible animals. To learn a little bit about what else they can do, there are also a few pages of fun facts that make dogs fascinating creatures that truly are a human’s best friend.


Thank you so much, Anna, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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