Moody Bank$ has stolen hearts with sumptuous melody in her latest single ‘Strawberry Amnesia.’

Moody Bank$ delivers a fresh break from the everyday sounds of modern R&B with her hit single, “Strawberry Amnesia.” The track is off her latest EP, Full Blunts and Full Moons

“Strawberry Amnesia” is the perfect introduction to Moody Bank$’s genre-bending sounds and unique smokey vocals. Not only is “Strawberry Amnesia” sonically captivating, but the meaning behind the song is also interesting enough to make you want to understand the story.

Although “Strawberry Amnesia” didn’t start out like this, the track quickly began to share a mood of hurt and confusion.

Starting with the hook, “I run, run, run, running all I do / Don’t know a thing about love.” Moody explains, “when my friend, who just had her wedding called off by her ex-fiance, heard the beginnings of the song, she understood the mood. At that moment, her story sort of became the attention of the song.”

Moody wants her listeners to know that we are more alike than we know, and sometimes heartbreak can bring us closer together in ways we may not have imagined. She believes music is a form of self-expression and self-realization when we cannot find the words for ourselves. Sometimes it’s easier to let the music speak for us.

Moody Bank$ is a brand new artist located in Austin, TX, who is breaking the rules when it comes to R&B and what that exact sound means. Moody released her debut EP, Full Blunts and Full Moons, in late October and is available on all streaming platforms now.

Strawberry Amnesia” is available on Apple Music and all other major platforms. Follow Moody Bank$ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information on her songs and upcoming projects.

About Moody Bank$


Moody Bank$ was born in Torrance, California, in 1993. Soon after her birth, her family relocated to Corona, California, where she spent most of her youth. Moody Bank$ has always revolved around art, music, writing songs and poems, as well as designing clothes and painting pictures. During grade school, Moody Bank$ took another direction with her life when she started playing basketball and went on to get a scholarship at a division two college where she played and graduated. Once she finished college, she decided that she wanted a change. She soon relocated to Austin, the live music capital of the world, to refine her live show and pursue her music career. Now Moody Bank$ is one of Austin’s most promising upcoming artists, and her debut EP is out now on all streaming platforms.