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She helps companies outperform their competition. Meet Kelly Kubicek, CEO & Co-Owner of Fulcrum HR Consulting.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Kubicek, CEO and Co-Owner of Fulcrum HR Consulting.

Hi Kelly, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do.

I am a Master HR Consultant who focuses on helping companies align people (employees) to business objectives. Together, we build a scalable HR Strategy that focuses on productivity, retention, and increasing revenue.


Please tell us more about your journey.

Many years ago, when I started consulting independently, I quickly discovered that HR was remaining stagnant with an outdated traditional HR approach. HR really did not have a seat at the table and was failing to get there by expecting the business to speak the HR language. 

I hated the “fun police” approach that is commonly seen within HR. Coming from a sales industry background, I knew the potential to increase revenue through strategic HR, and I’ve made it my focus to never settle for anything but legendary service. My clients deserve excellence and value.

Through time, I have developed innovative HR strategies that help companies be the 1%. They are willing to do what the 99% will not, and I show them how through their people. 

So much wasted energy is spent policing people, drafting extra policies, and grinding over unsustainable recruiting plans.

Please tell us about your company, Fulcrum HR Consulting.

My journey has to led me to open our HR Consulting and Outsourcing firm to help the 1% of companies who are committed to a scalable HR function that helps maintain lean teams with a forecastable future. My client’s companies know they are outperforming their competition because they hold a secret that their competitors do not hold. Thus became Fulcrum HR Consulting’s motto of “The New HR: Human ROI Return on Individuals.”

Fulcrum HR Consulting was founded by an experienced three-member team mix of a Master HR Consultant, a Business Broker, and a Business Coach/Consultant. Together, we made it our mission to assist companies in creating core structures to scale growth initiatives that create profits and align people at its core. We help companies from founding their companies all the way to their exit strategy. We also help companies develop and maintain their people strategies from hire to retire.

At Fulcrum HR Consulting, we have a team of master-level HR consultants, business consultants, and business brokers that can help businesses achieve unprecedented heights! 

Let’s be honest… What is the ONE thing that every business owner wants? 

  • Is it to create a great work environment and to help generate jobs within their community? 
  • Is it introduce a great product or service to their target audience? 
  • Or is it to become the best customer service provider in their industry? 

We all know that the one thing that every business owner wants is to generate income. People could come up with a million reasons about the reasons why they decided to create a business, but the core and the true reason behind this decision are that people create business ventures for profit. The problem is that having the wrong kind of employees can make it very difficult and next to impossible for a business to prosper! This is the reason why hiring our HR consultancy services is going to be essential for businesses. We make use of talent optimization software and workshops to align teams to business objectives. We align people strategy to the business objectives to align the companies to lead their market!

We specialize in these services:

  • HR Consulting 
  • Leadership and Training development
  • Team and hiring assessments 
  • HR Toolkit 

Here are some of the reviews by our customers:


Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit the website, Facebook and my LinkedIn profile.


Thank you so much, Kelly, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!