This platform is helping people accomplish their learning goals. Meet Danish Khan, Founder of My Learning Guru.


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Danish Khan, Founder of My Learning Guru from India

Please tell us about My Learning Guru.

Now more than ever, students of all ages need options for engaging online learning guided by teachers ready to help their students thrive.

Unfortunately, learning from home isn’t always easy, as students working at a distance risk becoming disengaged.

Thankfully, there is a solution: My Learning Guru ( is an exciting online learning platform that brings the fun! We deliver diverse online learning options via a flexible and user-friendly virtual experience that hooks students of all ages on learning.

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing shutdown of schools and businesses everywhere, our creative team chose to meet the colossal challenge of remote learning head-on by developing a new online learning platform that would help students around the world reach their learning goals. The result was My Learning Guru, a virtual learning portal that empowers teachers everywhere to create their own courses on any subject.


My Learning Guru has helped thousands of members in dozens of countries connect with certified teachers to reach their learning goals from the safety and comfort of their own homes. With our ever-expanding array of courses in traditional academic subject areas like math, reading, and science as well as computer coding, foreign language, finance, and the arts, we offer something for everyone. My Learning Guru opens up course creation access to anyone with expertise to share, allowing teachers to create their own courses.

My Learning Guru also supports educational institutions at every level, creating and executing virtual courses with packages that include everything from course outlines and lesson plans to video lectures, assessments, and certificates of completion for their students.


Danish Khan, Founder of My Learning Guru


Please tell us about your online courses.

My Learning Guru has a library of pre-recorded courses ( and live classes ( in diverse categories. We feel proud to host an online course from a senior economist on World Trade and International Business. There are language courses, poetry learning classes, video editing courses, modeling tips from the top models, coding classes for beginners and kids, IELTS coaching, and coaching for other competitive exams. 

We have started live tuition facilities for school students exclusively to help them learn mathematics, physics, English, chemistry, and biology right from their own homes from experienced and certified teachers. 

What are the ways you provide learning at My Learning Guru?

Learning happens when you meet your guru. Guru can be anyone who helps you learn new concepts or ideas or the existing ideas in a better way! We know, learning can take various forms. At My Learning Guru, we provide learning opportunities to our student community in the form of online courses, live classes, one-on-one appointments, and free webinars. 


How can anyone enroll in your live classes?

Simply click on the enroll button, and you will be notified about your live class schedule on email. We have special considerations for students coming from low-income groups. If a student is unable to pay the entire fee in one go, he/she can choose the flexible payment option available with all our live classes. For instance, our online maths tuitions for class X taught by expert tutor have a fee of Rs 2,000/- per month for Indian students. This is very reasonable compared to the prevailing fees in the industry. Students can also opt to have a free trial class before paying any fee to enroll in the live class.

How do you plan to provide learning opportunities to those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid?

Technology has come to our rescue during this unprecedented situation. Millions of students have been able to switch to online learning through various platforms available. However, we also need to make ourselves aware of the plight of the children belonging to our society’s vulnerable sections. 

Even today, they do not have access to proper internet or smartphones and even guidance to use internet technology for their self-development. My Learning Guru plans to make learning inclusive by providing recorded lectures to students belonging to those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid. However, this is an ambitious project. As a startup, we look forward to corporate funders (under CSR) and other investors to help us execute this project to great a larger impact.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit our website or connect via Instagram.