K-Live Clothing Line, Entertainment, Management And Accessories Merchandise Launches On 4th December, 2020.

Where The Story Began (K-Live Fashion)

The K-Live Brand has been jet flying across the globe since the brand was launched in 2011 and registered® in England and Wales on 1st Feb 2016. K-Live has been providing unique products, services, offers, and amazing discounts connecting its targeted market/audience to the brand’s products and services. Over the years, we have been consistent enough to identify who we are, what we are, and the solutions we offer our diverse clients – We have the know-how you need!

Our Fashion sense, K-Live creating a fashion brand started in 2013/2014 when we first launched our clothing line using the mainstream and social media to run public awareness campaign by distributing our clothing merchandise for FREE (none was for sale) to create awareness with hundreds of thousands of fashion-lovers wearing our fashion products in different styles. The campaign’s objectives were achieved after the huge investment fully paid by the brand CEO, Mr. Kapish – Osarenren John Ogbebor. 

Following the success of what was started years ago, we are so delighted that the K-Live brand is now a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, with higher expectations to rise above average. Distributing our fashion merchandise to the world via our online store gives lovers of fashion from any part of the world the ability to simply order a variety of our products, from fashion products to accessories, from our website with just one click.




K-Live’s Continuous Commitment To Artist Development

K-Live entertainment is one of the leading artist management and record label in the world. Since the Launching of the brand in 2011, K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd has always been diving deep to discover, develop, and maximize the talents of every talented individual under the label. K-Live Records is simply best known for signing artists from the grassroots and nurturing their talents to stardom. 

K-Live has always been the plug for many music artists to succeed. The track record of past and present artists under the label are doing extremely well, selling hit records and touring the world with their music – all thanks to the record label CEO, Mr. Kapish- Osarenren John Ogbebor, for giving us the opportunity they will rightly say.

K-Live is always on the lookout for new rising stars. With various entertainment platforms, gigs, and concert quarterly/yearly organized by the brand, which provide a golden opportunity for every young talent to strive and succeed.


More Platforms To Strive With K-Live During And Post COVID-19

The world is in a LOCKDOWN, why K-Live is on the rise, creating opportunities for everyone to leverage on to strive and succeed, creating a hub for every talent to grow with job opportunities in various aspects of the entire brand involvement. 

K-Live is a brand that focuses on creating results even in the lockdown (COVID-19 ravaging global economy). More platforms are yet to be revealed under the brand, creating more job opportunities to meet the demands of job seekers looking forward to working in an industry where they can find the fulfillment of their purpose.

K-Live has successfully created a fashion brand employing top models, photographers, videographers, brand marketers, promoters, publicists, and more under the fashion label, as well as other various involvement and industries under K-Live, creating job opportunities and talent hubs for everyone to succeed.



Uncover The True Identity Of K-Live (Documentary Video)

Since the incorporation of K-Live in 2016, we’ve highlighted hundreds of deserving projects. Many of them have gone on TV, Blogs, and magazines around the world. 

Given that we recently updated our services, products and the unveiling of our e-commerce website on 4th Dec 2020, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight some of the success stories by sharing our documentary clips. 

Stay updated by subscribing to our YouTube channel, where we hope to premier and share the journey so far and the future of our unique brand.

K-Live Is Set To Sign Grime/ R&B Artists

Following the entertainment trend, K-Live is on the scout for new talent to represent K-Live Records, creating positive and entertaining music to thrill millions of K-Live fans around the world, enabling the artist’s rise to a global stage, selling hit records.

Here is an opportunity for you to be the next big thing in the music industry in the UK. K-Live is currently looking for a popular music genre influenced by UK garage, typically characterized by a minimal, prominent rhythm, a very low-pitched bassline, and RnB artists.

Stay updated with the brand under the artists segment on the website to get all the latest information about the audition or connecting with the new artists.


K-Live Magazine Showcasing Our Culture, Style, And People

Just as the K-Live brand was rebranded from its mixture of GREEN, YELLOW, AND PURPLE to be branded to OVERALL GREEN, which shares our unique identity as a brand.

Our soon to be published electronic magazine shares insight into our culture, style, and the people around the world that inspire us.

The K-Live magazine covers the hopes of featuring talented and entrepreneurial-minded people sharing their biggest achievement and their lowest moment. K-Live is always on the next mission, creating opportunities and job opportunities like the magazine, which is yet to be published, is one of the most anticipated projects of K-Live.


Entrepreneur Breaking Boundaries, First Book Of K-Live Brand CEO – 
Life Cover Of Mr. Kapish Vol 1. (Legends Do Cry)

Mr. Kapish – Osarenren John Ogbebor is one of Africa’s finest, successful entrepreneurs who have stayed committed to a goal/vision for over a decade (10 years), creating opportunities and platforms for the young and old to leverage on to succeed and eventually achieving their life purpose by living their dream

Mr. Kapish is the founder and CEO of K-LIVE Entertainment / H.I.T Promo Limited, independent registered music, arts, and fashion label that covers artist management, music promotion, fashion, online public/media relations & publicity, advertisement, directing, and sponsorship.

Mr. Kapish – Osarenren John Ogbebor hopes to share the high and lows of his entrepreneurship dreams in a book he titled Life Cover of Mr. Kapish Vol 1 (Legends Do Cry). Watch out for it!


You can check out K-Live’s website and social media channels of Instagram and Twitter.