June1Billion is a network that strives to empower communities of color, shares Founder David Morgan.


June1Billion is a network that strives to empower communities of color. It also strives to work from the grassroots to create change and promote leadership within the Black community. The network operates a site, social media accounts, and an app that provides opportunities for individuals.

The founder, David Morgan, believes that there is an important gap regarding leadership and role models within the community that might sometimes contribute to significant issues. A uniting force that binds people together could help reduce the community’s problems that come from within.
Morgan funds the network through merchandise sales through the website and social media. He is also maintaining a YouTube channel, both to raise awareness and to reach more people. The website offers a wide selection of items, including luxury handbags, shoes, and clothes, popular memorabilia, like lightsaber replicas from Star Wars, and accessories for virtual reality gaming and gaming in general. The items are handpicked and offer good quality with stunning and attractive designs, often inspired by African culture. In addition, the site offers a line of fashion products for men inspired by Nipsey Hussle and featuring a wide variety of designs for the fans who want to celebrate his life, art, and work. In addition to the products, June1Billion has a variety of services that can support leadership and entrepreneurship.


The goal of the whole enterprise is to create a sense of belonging among communities and unite them through different initiatives that will help families stay together and join with other people for common causes.

David Morgan is an ordained Minister, a certified Life Coach, and the founder of a Black television network and a leadership program focused on Black men. These skills and professional experience came together for the creation of June1Billion and have allowed David Morgan to start working more directly with the community and fund the initiatives for empowerment. With original and stylish designs and products that can serve the whole family, the program provides many options to support it through the website and as a follower on social media.

With an exciting fashion line and accessories, as well tech gadgets to improve gaming experiences, June1Billion aims to be a self-sustaining campaign with attractive designs and a strong social commitment that lies at the core of its work. It was founded officially in 2020, and in 2021, it continues its work and mission, offering content and products that can inspire and engage many different people. It is based in Los Angeles.


You can take a look at the website and follow the initiative on Instagram @June1billion. You can also check out the YouTube channel that regularly uploads entertaining, educational, and inspirational content. The YouTube channel has a lot of different types of videos and a regular upload schedule. Take a look at the fashion designs and accessories for sale for men, women, and children at the site and consider supporting this initiative from David Morgan and help it grow to reach more people.