Meet Jeanne Hopkins, an industry thought leader and recipient of multiple awards for her marketing successes!!

Jeanne Hopkins is a marketing juggernaut. She has been working in the field for around three decades and has led many companies to success. In executive positions in companies like HubSpot, Continuum,, and many others, currently working with OneScreen, she has led to rapid growth, even faster results, and significant customer engagement through various strategies and approaches that have helped her get things done.

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Hopkins specializes in developing or adapting new strategies in customer acquisition and long-term partnerships. She has co-authored a book about mobile marketing that has hit the number 1 spot on Amazon and remains a best-seller, Go Mobile. In addition to this, she regularly publishes content through her LinkedIn and in specialized publications to share her wisdom and expertise with other marketers.

Hopkins has developed different projects to great success, such as her podcast, Table Fries, marketing engines that were built from the ground up, as was the case with, and other achievements. She has been recognized numerous times as an industry thought leader and has received multiple awards for her marketing successes.

What are the keys that Hopkins presents for marketing success? Let’s examine the best principles that have worked for her throughout her career and that have helped her take a variety of companies to the next level, reaching amazing results in a brief period of time. Hopkins focuses on several aspects that she also shares with other marketers and reminds brands of the importance of seeing customers as people, using effective strategies, and building a strong in-house team for better outcomes.

The first is the focus on results. All her projects have achieved quick results, such as making Continuum one of the fastest-growing companies within a year and landing a place on the ranking by Inc. A marketer, in her view, needs to get things done and stay on top of the situation, always moving forward rather than getting lost in the everyday details. She believes in strategic thinking: it’s not much use creating a strategy that will yield results tomorrow and tank the day after that.

Another key aspect of her success has been collaboration. Hopkins has worked with many people and believes that those who were amazing and those who were less amazing have taught her many valuable things. In addition, she takes an approach that is focused on kindness and polite interactions, which makes a huge difference in day-to-day interactions even when there is interpersonal tension.


Collaboration, in general, is one of the main aspects of success. Hopkins believes that meetings, especially those focused on customer experience and good communication, are basic for any organization and can shift the direction of a product or service or even reorient the company towards something more productive.

A marketer works as part of a team, and training and working to improve that team is a part of what makes the company achieve more. Many professionals are tempted to do the work themselves without delegating, but that is a certain path towards burnout and stress. Instead, giving the team challenges that stretch their professional skills and relying on others to do their work is a better option as a better strategy in the long term.

In relation to this, many of Hopkins’ work is done through meetings and collaborations. For example, she has pioneered a meeting centered on customer feedback that puts together all the people from the company who need to hear it and representatives of customer-facing departments who can provide it. While not always pleasant, these meetings offer invaluable insight into what is going on with customers and how they perceive the product or service, what obstacles they are facing, and more.

A customer-centric approach is often behind Hopkins’ proposals and insights. Today, it is possible to offer a truly personalized approach to each individual. But, unfortunately, this is an option that many companies are not taking advantage of enough, while others are doing it in a way that scares the customer rather than engages them.

In this regard, she reminds brands of a very important issue: context and boundaries. Many customers report feeling invaded or creeped out when the experience they are offered uses too much personal information, especially information that was not disclosed to the company. On the other hand, customers who get to set boundaries are willing to share some degree of information in exchange for customization and can welcome an experience tailored to their own needs.

The idea of personalization distinguishes another central aspect of Hopkins’ approach, the need to see customers as people and not just a wallet. This is something that can upset customers and reduce their loyalty. Often, companies are more focused on attracting new rather than retaining the old and maintaining a strong relationship. That tactic can backfire. Remembering that people are, well, people can help brands establish themselves as partners and create a lot of loyalty and trust.

If brands view people as people rather than just sources of money, it’s easier to offer them what they need and what they want. Adding real value to the marketing content can help customers feel engaged and create a relationship that will last. For Hopkins, one of the best ways to do this is to provide expert advice from professionals listeners want to hear from. A brand is certain to have access to some professionals who can provide advice or other valuable tips and answer the customers’ questions and doubts. A podcast, in addition, creates a direct line of communication that can feel very personalized – the podcasters speak directly to their audience with no in-between.

Jeanne Hopkins is a marketer that creates lasting solutions that drive sustainable revenue and growth. Her creative and people-centered approach to the discipline has helped her support a variety of companies from executive positions and led them to greater achievements in terms of customer engagement, development, and more.

You can follow her on Twitter @jeannehopkins and LinkedIn.


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