He has been fostering safe travels & smooth deliveries in Haiti since 2010. Meet Jerry JeanLouis, Founder of Hejec Security Transportation!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jerry JeanLouis, Founder of Hejec Security Transportation. 

Please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is that you do.

I was born in Haiti on Valentine’s day. I went to only one elementary and high school call Nouveau College Bird in Port au Prince Haiti. Then later, I went to Business and supply chain management school. A long pathway that started at the USARMY Quater Master school where I learned logistics in fort lee Virginia and Transportation at Fort Indian Town Gap. And other college studies at Palmbeach State College to be completed at Florida International University. Oh, I Also studied most of my Spanish at the Pontificia Catolica Madre Y Maestra in the Dominican Republic.

Can you please tell us more about your journey?

My journey has been fantastic. I am fortunate that I was born in Haiti, so I’m from the get-go. I am from the bloodlines of incredible Heroes. So when you are from Haiti, you kind of basically start off with possibility, which makes our drive to be successful measurable a great sort of grid. With that basic, all I had to was have grit which is, according to Angela Duckworth very essential to succeed. Grit is persistence. 

My Altruism also opened a lot of doors in my journey. I receive so much in return by giving back to my environment and to my folks. 

My Company HEJEC has been created as a result of my moving back to Haiti when I was 23, Just to come and support my mother after the terrible earthquake in 2010 in Haiti. So my journey is family, social activity, and Business. I have always been involved in Business since I was in High school; I was selling sandwiches to my classmates and run part of my family salt mine business. But In 2010, that’s when things got serious and personal when I started HEJEC. Like I said, I was only 23 with a fair amount of experience as I had already worked and live in America, been to Afghanistan, Germany as part of work-related. So the moment we started, we started serving some of the most prestigious organizations in Haiti. 

Please tell us about your company, HEJEC.

HEJEC is a 3PL company serving mainly in Logistics and Transportation, but we provide services across the supply chain. Our work is to plan, implement, and control the efficient flow and storage of goods. HEJEC is trusted by its clientele. The Company is responsible for transporting over 3.5 Million bed nets throughout Haiti. We also support millions of School Kits Management and pharmaceutical commodities.  

In addition, we are involved in passenger security transportation services for foreign consultants and businessman tourists while In Haiti. The journey is also marked by dedicated men and women who put the Company first. Their dedication has been amazing!

So HEJEC works to connect Port-au-Prince to the rural areas of Haiti. Connect the Haitians Island through multimodal transportation. Serving in over 500 communes and sections. We are a sort of a goto Company for the NGO’s. We have been working with most of the financed USAID projects in Haiti. Our work is amazing because we have no limit. We do the extra miles for no extra charge. With our presence in the market, 100 percent of end customers now get their product on time when using HEJEC compared to a 69% delivery accuracy of The competitors. 

We are proud to be the #1 innovative 3PL in Haiti.

What are the Secrets that helped you become successful in your journey?

There is no one secret really; Put God first, my Wife, Family, Church. Great friends, Good partners. Do the best to keep my word. Serve my clients well. I believe in hard work, I don’t give up ever. I am a firm believer in Team work, respect others. I have more than one secret sorry it takes a lot to succeed including letting go of a lot. In Business It’s a constant improvement based on the findings. I evolve my strategies to adapt and conquer the market. I put all of my thoughts towards my Goals, especially improving and reducing cost and becoming more cost-efficient.

Any message for our readers.

If you want to help Haiti partner with sustainable companies that are there to last. For my readers in America, Canada, and France, maybe it’s time to see Haiti as a business opportunity they should Invest small in Haiti’s rural areas. Make great profit! 

“Pou moun Ayiti yo” for my Haitian folks 1st is to thank them for supporting us on the ground and for them to be strong to take actions that count so they can make a difference in their lives and their country.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can contact us via our website and Instagram @hejecsecurity.

You can also contact us via email myhejec@gmail.com or Whatsapp +50934030614. You can also give us a call at 31706476.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!