From being homeless to Multimillionaire CEO helping Entrepreneurs become wealthy, Here is the story of Ray Uddin…

Today, we are talking about Ray Uddin. He is an Investor, CEO, and Business Strategist. He helps businesses grow fast & Improve Cash Flow. He is also into Buying & Investing £500k-20m Businesses. He is a multi-millionaire!

He says that he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to reach their goals and businesses to maximize their full potential.


His Story

He is the only child of his mother who (sadly) passed away when he was 2 years old. She had suffered from cancer. Think Cinderella – this sums up his early childhood.

He was already working at Sunday market stalls by the age of 10. 

He was taken out of the family home and school at age 14 to live in Bangladesh for three years. When I returned (aged 17), he was forced to sleep rough and ‘couch-surf’ until a friend’s family took him in.

Overcoming adversity from a very young age was, therefore, second-nature and, having experienced extreme social/economic deprivation, He realized early on that developing multiple income streams was the key to a better life – so what did he do?

He started working as an Estate Agent at the age of 18.

He set up his reputable property management at the age of 20.

He bought his first property aged 21, and he now owns a substantial property portfolio.

He set up an e-commerce business Cool Goods, which was recently valued at seven figures. 

Here is Mr. Ray Uddin’s message:

I am thankful for everything which I have achieved, and this is my message – you can do it as well, and I want to HELP! Our parent company, Ray, is a growing investment platform that specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions. Having a combined experience of 20 years in the industry, we share our passion by helping other entrepreneurs scale their business fast and receive substantial liquid-cash returns. We also help distressed companies by streamlining their operations, making it more cash focused.


With my knowledge and strategies, I am confident I can help.

Business doesn’t go bust because of profits. It goes bust lack of cash, let me help you make it more cash focused.

Think of me as the ‘go-to-person’ when you are drowning in debts and need oxygen, or just want to sell. 

We are also interested in profitable businesses which are looking to buy-out competitors or take the next leap onto the capital markets, or a baby boomer trying to succession plan retire or Whether it is a distressed business or mature and profitable looking for a way to progress, quite often You’ll find this business stuck under a glass ceiling and they can’t get out of it it’s that’s a problem-solving aspect that I think having an entrepreneurial approach to these businesses really helps

Some times filing water in a leaking bucket isn’t a fix. Let me help.

We are a credible, trusted pair of hands, I’ll protect your legacy and staff. 

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