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Australian Entrepreneur and Self made Millionaire Bryan Legend talks about Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance!


Many tend to think of the field of cryptocurrency as the twisting and ever-shifting maze that it is. Naturally, many people tend to have a rather sizeable struggle when it comes to making it in such a field, but not Bryan Legend – his success was written in his name, after all. He is an Australian entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. He is the Founder and CEO at Clever Defi Pty Ltd.

Cryptocurrency Mastery – The Importance Of A Legendary Strategy

Bryan Legend has got the whole field of cryptocurrency down to a science – all within the highly valuable 8 years he has spent in the wonderful cryptocurrency field.

With a high success rate overall, accompanied by an obviously brilliant crypto-oriented mindset, Legend has been able to shoot up from the ground to the very moon in his chosen field of expertise! His success can be seen through the absolute amount of start-up companies he was able to create from pure, thin air – along with his estimated net worth, which is now estimated to be comfortably sitting at roughly 2.6 million dollars.

The most important part of Bryan’s legendary success in the field of cryptocurrency would be his brilliant, brightly developed strategies!

Cryptocurrency Success – Getting Your Game Head On

Bryan Legend is one of the very few entrepreneurs in his field that have been able to reach the absolutely baffling amount of success that he has reached. He was only able to do so by way of his quick-witted character, as well as his eye-opening, brand new insights into the industry of crypto as a whole!

Bryan Legend dropped out of high school at an early age to pursue higher goals and succeeded in attaining the wealth which everyone daydreams of when they think of a successful life.

Bryan Legend also simply seems to have a born-with compass for success, as well as a magnet for lucrative business opportunities!

Cryptocurrency Methods Of Success – The Importance Of Brand Image

In virtually any business, brand image is one of the most important factors in pretty much any money-oriented industry – which means that upkeeping a brilliant brand image is something any self-respecting entrepreneur should do, especially in the field of cryptocurrency!

Building a trusted name that people can look at and instantly recognize as a good and honest brand is rather hard to do, but that’s not to say it’s not actually doable. 

Looking at Bryan Legend, a man with a great amount of potential as well as success can be seen in him and, clearly, he has managed to build a well-known, trusted brand image in the industry which he has chosen to meddle in – and he has managed to pull the incredible feat of building a good image overall multiple times, which is fantastic when the multitude of obstacles in his path is taken into consideration!

Decentralized Finance

Bryan says, “Crypto itself won’t be going anywhere, but most Crypto’s are” What he meant by that is the future of Blockchain and Cryptography is going to stay, but most of the Crypto projects that are there today will not be around in the imminent future. This is so because they are not equipped in the best way in a decentralized manner.

DeFi is the term used to explain Decentralized Finance, and Bryan understands that it is the way all finance institutions and financial products should be devised to appropriately ‘suit up’ for the rapid change the digital age has brought upon us.

He said his focus is towards providing more Decentralized services, giving empowerment to users and the public.

His company Clever Defi Pty Ltd, is growing in popularity and getting widespread attention from intrigued parties scattered from around the globe.

CLEVER DEFI is an innovative new DEFI Protocol that works on the blockchain by automatically distributing set interest payments to eligible beneficiaries of CLEVER Token (CLVA). Storing your wealth offers to pay much greater interest rates than primitive bank technology, which is far outdated.

If you want, you can find out more about CLEVER DEFI by clicking here.