Toka-Ace #1 Tabula-Rasa is the first in the new Toka-Ace series by Author Tahir Kashif.

Toka-Ace #1 Tabula-Rasa is the first in the new Toka-Ace series by author Tahir Kashif.

Book Synopsis:

Assassinations, stealth, and infiltration. Unit Nine is a living weapon and the best at what he does. When he’s assigned to recover a missing bioweapon and hundreds of millions in stolen money, he never expects the mystery to put him face to face with his past mistakes or force him to make a pivotal choice. 

Of course, Toka-Ace #1 Tabula-Rasa is just the beginning. 

The overarching point of the Toka-Ace series is going to be identity and attachment. The main character spent his whole life as a killing machine and inside a bubble of sorts. Suddenly, when everything he knows is shattered, he has this choice. 

Troy, aka Toka-Ace, is no longer a pawn. He can make himself what he wants to be but has no idea where to start when it comes to forging an identity. Troy’s struggle is relatable and human. 

The question is, what will he become while having to endure deadly enemies, impossible choices, and devastating revelations.

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