Thomas Reilly’s new release ‘Chasing Time’ impressively blends fantasy and a beautiful relationship.


Chasing Time is the new, thrilling release from Author Thomas Reilly that blends fantasy, medicine, and a heartwarming relationship. Tony Lucas is looking for a way to save his terminally ill wife and might find it in the lost magical key from his youth. Lucas, a retired teacher, could change her fate with the power to predict the future and solve mysteries if he could only finish his quest before time runs out. 

Lucas’ mission will take him to amazing places through cryptic clues, all guided by the deep love he feels for his wife; this element fills the book with heart and suspense.

A huge aspect of Thomas Reilly’s narration is the thrill of observing the main character’s quest that takes him across Spain and America. Starting with Ancient Rome, the quest is given a deep background that artfully blends supernatural and historical elements, including a lot of powerful medical facts that add to the integrity of the novel. 

The narrative is suspenseful and intriguing from the start, full of twists and turns. Wild time leaps help the reader stay engrossed in the age-long mystery the book presents and the journey Tony goes on, all for love and for the cure at the end of the road. 

Supernatural, thrilling, and difficult to predict, Chasing Time is sure to keep a reader on the edge of their seat. Beginning with a mysterious Lucius Fabius Antonius, a Roman merchant with strange predictive powers to modern Brooklyn Tony Lucas, so similar to this old merchant, the story creates an effective path that starts with the clue of a single uncanny ring. 

Chasing Time offers a unique plot that takes the reader on a ride with clear stakes. It has a lot of heartwarming elements in regards to Tony’s family and the sheer lengths he is willing to go to for someone he loves. 

Fans of thrillers with supernatural elements and those looking for a quest across the world with a lot of excitement, suspense, and fantastic mysteries to puzzle over. With a strong lead character and a lot of passion, this makes a great read for anyone looking for something exciting and with a lot of different elements. The genres blend seamlessly to create a fresh experience with Roman flavors and an expert and unique mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller. The book is sure to find a lot of readers who love these genres and want to see some experiments, particularly a clever time travel tale that wraps it all together to great satisfaction.  

You can find Chasing Time on Amazon and also with other book retailers. Stay tuned for more releases from Thomas Reilly, who makes this explosive entrance to the literary scene and is sure to offer more exciting stories in the future. Chasing Time is sure to offer a memorable read that blends different genres and tells a thrilling tale that takes the reader across history through a series of mysteries anyone would die to solve.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Reilly. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Thomas, Great to have you with us today. Why did you write the book? What was your motivation behind it? 

Two prime motivators drove me to write Chasing Time. First, an idea about using future events to shape present decisions had been circulating in my mind for years. This is the essence of Chasing Time. Second, after receiving so much positive feedback on my writing during my career (manuscripts, essays, reports, and the like), I wanted to challenge myself and determine if I could write a full-length novel. 

Who do you see as your main audience for this book, and what do you hope they will get from reading your book? 

I envision this suspenseful novel will broadly appeal to a large population segment because of its universal themes of family, persistence, and devotion. In addition, Chasing Time should also appeal to those reader segments interested in magical realism and those who follow bioscience developments. Simply put, my goal as a writer is to enrich the lives of those who will read my work and enrich my own life as well. 

How do you see this book being relevant today? 

Aside from the universal themes of Chasing Time (family, persistence, devotion) that are particularly relevant in today’s society, the book clearly describes many of the medical breakthroughs of recent years that will shape all of our lives in the future. 

Why do you think you are the right person to write this book? How do you think your qualifications or experience make this a better book? 

First, I had this unique idea of a time capsule from the past, revealing events from the future. Exploiting this idea into a book is best done by the idea generator (i.e., me). Secondly, I am uniquely qualified to write about medical breakthroughs based on my education (Ph.D. and MBA degrees) and experience in working as a scientist and executive in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

Can you please share a little bit about the process of writing the book? Did you keep writing once you sat down? 

I challenged myself to write a full-length novel based on one original idea, which is a time capsule from the past revealing events from the future that shape present decisions. Hence the name, Chasing Time. I would sit down for a few hours every day in an effort to expand the storyline. Over a period of several months, the story seemed to catch fire as I weaved different ideas and components into a (hopefully) cohesive and entertaining storyline. Of course, there were many days when the writing did not click, and I wondered if I could ever finish. But over time, my writing style evolved to become more expressive and more consistent, and in about a year’s time, I had my completed work. 

Does writing energize or exhaust you? 

The answer is easy- both. 

Have you written any other books, or do you have any books planned for the future? Tell us as much as you are willing to share! 

Writing Chasing Time has inspired me to continue writing, and I am nearly finished with a second novel that, once again, describes the effects of a magical Janus key on the lives of everyday individuals in the present time. 

How many hours a day do you write? 

Two to three hours per day is what I shoot for. 

Does your family support your career as a writer? 

Absolutely. My wife is a retired English literature teacher and has spent countless hours reading my work, editing, and making storyline suggestions. My four children have read my book and offered strong support and encouragement. 

What is your favorite childhood book? 

In high school, it was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. In college, it was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. 


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!