Get on an epic journey by reading ‘The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Part Three: The Lost Mane’ by Author Adrian Lee Zuniga


The Lost Mane is the latest installment of his trilogy, The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles, an exciting and fantastic story that takes the readers on an epic journey full of emotion and a cinematic approach to writing.

Adrian Lee Zuniga is a creative novelist from Casper, Wyoming. He brings raw emotion, fantastic worldbuilding, and amazing art to construct a memorable work of art and finish his trilogy off with a bang.

The writer brings unique experiences to the book and the whole world he creates. He enrolled in the Marine Corps at 17 and then received an honorable discharge that led him to work as a therapist in the ICU and NICU, after which he moved across the states, creating a new portfolio to further his art.

Zuniga started writing fiction and non-fiction in 2006 and has not stopped since. After a flash of inspiration, he began developing characters like Žaneta and her adventures in a world that has many fans. The rough draft was ready by the end of 2014, and even received some input from Robert Altman, Zenimax/Bethesda Media CEO, who helped Zuniga tailor his draft.

The first book of The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles introduces readers to Žaneta. Throughout the trilogy, she develops as a character as she pursues epic quests in Morrowind and beyond.


The Lost Mane focuses on Žaneta, who is trying to find her way to the present and discover who stole her children. It is the much-anticipated sequel for Part One: Vvardenfell and Part Two: Edge of Oblivion, featuring the world of Morrowind infused with magic and adventure.

The book constructs solid storylines and characters to create a thrilling experience for the readers as they follow Žaneta on her epic journey across a world beloved by many.

The trilogy can be recommended for fans of fantasy and adventure, as it is a series packed with action, magic, and excitement. It is sure to please fans of the Elder Scrolls and the world that is constructed within this universe. The author pays careful attention to detail, ensuring that everything from the food to the weapons is in line with the truth of this fantastic universe and helps readers get immersed in the narrative. The book offers an exciting narrative that is sure to grip readers from start to finish and provides a strong ending for the trilogy. With a developed and vivid world, an exciting adventure, and compelling characters who drive the plot, The Lost Mane is a good choice for fantasy fans, especially those with a previous attachment to this world and its characteristics. The spectacular art is an excellent complement to the story.


The Elder Scrolls – Žaneta’s Chronicles is available on Amazon and can also be purchased as an audiobook on Audible. Stay tuned for future works from Adrian Lee Zuniga and discover all that this author has to offer.


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