Space Battles and Heroic Feats: ‘To Die A Hero’ by Jack Heape takes readers on a thrilling sci-fi ride

To Die A Hero: An Orion Federation Series Novella is a thrilling novella from author Jack Heape. It is an exciting short narrative that follows the pilot Caroline Jacquier, better known as CJ, who is facing a new promotion and is immediately faced with combat. With a thrilling sci-fi setting, the book is sure to enchant fans of military sci-fi and sci-fi in general.

CJ is a rookie pilot and an ensign who has just been hit with a promotion to officer. Now, she is part of the Black Eagles squadron, and her first operation involves combat right away. The novella does not shy away from topics like combat and loss, but it also has its humorous, charming moments, with strong relationships between the characters and a powerful depiction of becoming a hero. The novella is a part of the Orion Federation series, a rich universe with a lot of exciting adventures to be had but also themes of loss, becoming a hero, and sacrifice that are sure to resonate with the readers and provide hours of page-turning fun. 

To Die a Hero offers a tonally complex story that is sometimes funny and light, showcasing the bonds between characters and the lighter side of their lives, but also is not afraid to delve into the tragedy of loss and other heavier matters. With a lot of excitement, the novella asks the reader to ponder what it means to be a hero and what sacrifices must be made. 

The novella is sure to be enjoyed by fans of science fiction, in particular, those interested in military science fiction, which places military-style characters front and center and explores futuristic battle scenes, armies, and more. The prose is strengthened by the fact that Jack Heape, the author, has a military background himself. Readers seeking strong female characters might also especially enjoy CJ’s story. 

Jack Heape is a former U.S. Navy Submarine Officer, a licensed pilot, and a PADI Certified Divemaster. This background makes the adventures he describes all the more organic and realistic, albeit set in space rather than on Earth. The author is also a cancer survivor who is currently trying to live his best life. As he is retired, Heape writes books in his spare time and is also an avid boater. The author’s unique background helps his descriptions and ideas shine with authenticity, and even characters operating in distant space become true and feel real.

You can find the novella on Amazon. If you like what you read, you can also seek out more reads situated in the Orion Federation, a rich universe with plenty to discover. Follow CJ as she has to adjust to her new rank and squadron, enters combat, and faces a trial by fire and the loss of her comrades through an exciting, emotional ride that can inspire readers and keep them hooked throughout this short but fulfilling read.

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