An insight into the book, ‘Grief and Empathy: In a society that does not know how to grieve’ by Author Nikolaos Euterpe


There is no life without loss. This is a simple and true fact that we often struggle with. When faced with loss, in ourselves or others, we often seek to give comfort through platitudes, saying that everything will be OK, that everything happens for a reason, and offer other phrases that fail to make others feel better. As a result, we are averse to grief and do not know how to deal with it.

This is true of our society as a whole, especially in a world that has continuously worked to reduce our empathy and connection to others. In his book Grief and Empathy: In a society that does not know how to grieve, author Nikolaos Euterpe tackles the difficult subject of grief and how hard it is for us to deal with it today.

This is not a classic book that will pat you on the shoulder and tell you that:
“Everything happens for a reason,”
“God takes the good ones and has a plan,”
“At least you were close, and you got to live with him/her for many years” or other fake platitudes and empty words like such.
It will not tell you that what you are going through will soon become lighter, or you will get over it. Neither will it try to make you defeat your grief as if it is a disease. It will not attempt to deduce a tragic event to something higher and explain it metaphysically or from a religious point.
This book will support you in living with your grief, understanding it, and reconciling with it.
Life has set a new unfair path for us, and we can only walk through the fire together with grief as our best friend.
A life with no logic, where the universe does not reward the good persons, nor looks after them or owns them anything. A life which can not be lived without empathy and compassion.

The book pulls no punches and does not satisfy itself with simple cliches about addressing the deep feelings of loss. It’s not looking for easy solutions to complex problems, seeking refuge in spirituality or positivity. Instead, it tries to address grief as it is, as a complex issue and a problem with many aspects and dimensions, a deeply emotional issue that we need to accept and walk with.

The book offers a realistic look at the experience of grief in a universe that feels unfair, and that does not respond to our thoughts and feelings. It takes a whole new approach and vision to help people authentically deal with their grief, even if it is bitter as well.

Grief and Empathy: In a society that does not know how to grieve offers support for that grief genuinely and provides a path to reconciliation that does not depend on one’s views or beliefs. It helps the reader accept their grief through empathy and connection.

The book tackles the basic disconnection in society and helps people find a new way to deal with their grief and loss through connection to other people and through a shared experience of empathy. This view of grief is not always easy to take but can be therapeutic for many. In a society that is often averse to talking about grief and facing the realities it entails without hiding behind worn-out phrases and beliefs, the book can provide a refreshing view that reminds people to seek connection and compassion towards others, to use this as the main way to make their journey more bearable.

You can find Grief and Empathy: In a society that does not know how to grieve on Amazon, available in English and in Greek. Pick up your Kindle or physical copy. With a unique approach to grief, the book is sure to resonate with people who are tired of platitudes and want to confront the experience of grief from a new perspective. Centering the topic of empathy, which is often lacking in the modern world, it offers a sometimes harsh but ultimately hopeful view of grief and a source of support that does not rely on platitudes.

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