Submerge yourself into enchanted adventures and passion through Elyatha Eli’s latest book ‘Klemondion — Elven Clans’!!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Elyatha Eli

Elyatha Eli is the author of wonderful fantasy books who brings her new story to all the fans. Klemondion — Elven Clans is a story about three clans that have hated each other for centuries. Amdrovens, Pures, and Klemondions have built up their battle. But then, a new young Oracle is chosen to look after the White Garden and protect its students from the wicked Klemondions. But when three elves meet each other, the roots of their beliefs are shattered, and now they have to challenge everything that they have been taught.  

The story centers around love and acceptance, with strong LGBTQ+ themes that are reflected throughout the narrative. The book is likely to find many fans among LGBTQ+ readers, and the central theme of appreciation is one that we all need.

Kim, Evelyn, and Tyler, the protagonists, will have to grapple with ages of hatred. They fall in love, creating the most powerful alliance of them all – but will it be enough to overcome everything they are facing?

Elyatha Eli is a Latvian author who started exploring the far reaches of her imagination while she lived and wrote in England. Her books stand out thanks to their unusual themes and subjects that are not often found within fantasy. 

Elyatha creates free and imaginative worlds that are ruled by magic, and there is no place for discrimination. All sexual orientations are welcome. Her creations are populated by vampires, elves, witches, angels, and more mythical beings, allowing imagination to run free and creating a lot of exciting setups, plots, and situations.

The author believes in the power of dreams and the importance of trusting them, and for her, they have been an important driver behind her work. She infuses her realms with meanings that come from her dreams and adds new layers to her work.  

The mission Elyatha Eli has is to inspire others to believe in their personal freedom and becoming the best versions of themselves. This, in turn, will help us make the world a better place, more like the magical realms we can find in her books. 

Klemondion — Elven Clans is the newest release from the author and provides an exciting genre piece about love, hatred, division, and acceptance that is especially poignant today. The message, however, is wrapped up in an exciting narrative of love and conflict that makes this quite the page-turner. With an imaginative and original world infused with magic and diversity, many readers are sure to enjoy the LGBTQ+-friendly story and discover for themselves the wonderful realms of Elyatha Eli.

Stay tuned for more magical tales from this writer and discover everything she has to offer to any fantasy fan looking for something that goes beyond the usual staples of the genre. For magical worlds and creatures, there is a lot to choose from.

Let’s get started with the Interview…

Hi Elyatha, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what it is that you do.

Hi, lovely spirit! I’m a paranormal romance author who supports the LGBTQ+ community, love, self-growth, and big dreamers through my stories. I believe that everything starts with a dream before it turns into something powerful enough to change the world. And we hold that power within us. It’s called LOVE. 


Please tell us more about your journey.

As a child, I was surrounded by a society where most kids hated books… and I was one of those kids. But while everyone wasted so much energy on hating everything that was different – racial differences, sexual orientations, fictional vampires and other “bad guys,” and even the way people chose to dress up – I spent my time writing down how I imagined a better world. I ended up falling in love with fantasy, dreams, and everything magical, and that lead me towards writing to show the world that not all “bad guys” are truly bad. Each saint has a dark side; each dark creature has a heart. 

Please tell us about your book, Klemondion — Elven Clans.

Klemondion – Elven Clans is an LGBTQ+ friendly story about three elven clans that hate each other for centuries due to their differences. But when a young Oracle is elected to look after the White Garden, the main characters meet, and the roots of their hate and beliefs get shattered. Everything they’ve been taught at school proves to be a lie. The story’s purpose is to show the readers that love is much more powerful when we stop looking at our differences and instead focus on appreciation and acceptance.

What inspired you to write this book?

Many things. I usually choose to look at the bright side wherever it’s possible, and I get inspired by little things: the way birds spread their wings, the grace that surrounds nature when flowers bloom in spring or how snowflakes sparkle in winter. But the one thing that pushed me to sit down and write this particular story was a dream. I have a few upcoming books that are soon to get published, but each story starts with a dream. 

Literally. Unlike anyone else I know, I dream about fantasy worlds and either watch them like a movie or from somebody else’s point of view. I won’t give out spoilers, but the chapter “Sinful Desires” is where the entire story begins in my head. I dreamed the whole story from three points of view, as it’s described in that chapter. 

Any message for our readers.

Every artist that has gained something will tell you – believe in your dreams. That’s the same message I wish to spread, but let me explain why. We say that because we KNOW how it is to struggle to achieve something. Everyone has their own dark side in their lives. We go through trials, and countless things try to push us down. They make us want to give up. Those who don’t give up are the winners who learn to spread their wings when others try to cut them down. Believing in your dreams is like flying. Don’t waste your life trying to fit in and be who you aren’t. You’re both—the light and the darkness, the sun, and the moon. You were meant to walk this Earth for a reason. Only you can do the things you do your way. Only you can be you. Use it. Dream and be the best you can. I believe in you. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

Everyone is welcome to follow my website or Facebook @elyathaeliblog. I always try to surround my posts with books and positivity, and inspiration. Anyone can get stressed out at any time, so I value moments when a stranger smiles or gets inspired. It makes the world shine. 


Thank you so much, Elyatha, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!