Bipolar Survivor, Horror Fan and Horrotica Author…Let’s hear the story of how Valkyrie Kerry found herself to be among one of the Best Horror Book Authors!!


Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Valkyrie Kerry. She is a successful author and has released many best-selling publications.

Valkyrie Kerry first gained notoriety in 2007 after completing over 100 professional qualifications, including 20 university-level qualifications. She is presently researching film (horror) at NUI Galway and is on the path towards her second Ph.D. Additionally, Kerry has achieved best-seller status in no less than 11 books and operates an RPG group on Twitter called ‘Legacy Tales,’ with four of her friends and her fiancé, Brett Dyer. Currently, Kerry is looking forward to the release of the second edition of her most prominent book, ‘Ultimate Horrotica.’ 

Great to have you with us today! Kerry, please tell our readers what makes ‘Ultimate Horrotica’ different from other horror collections.

Ultimate Horrotica‘ is a collection that contains horror stories that span all sub-genres and adopts different storytelling structures, from the traditional short story to the most complex poetic form, an extended sestina. The subject matter is equally diverse and ranges from ghost stories and erotic vampires to the less obvious philosophical and moral questions posed by the horrors of the human condition.


Isn’t it a collection of books?

It is the culmination of many years of writing collections and chapbooks in the horror genre and its related sub-genres. At present, I also have the second draft of my first horror novel, ‘Kane,’ ready for editing. It is a twist on the traditional horror slasher and possibly part of a series as I have characters that could be further developed in equally novel ways.

You have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder; how did this impact your work?

Originally, I wrote to demonstrate the feelings and moods attributed to bipolar, and in doing so, raise awareness and understanding of the same. I have a ‘Bipolar Moods’ series and have written for various related websites to raise awareness.

I have always loved the horror genre, and the emotional impact of my tales often led into the realm of horror. Once I had completed the ‘Bipolar Moods series, I decided to focus primarily on horror.

In addition to your writing, you also work on original academic horror research. Can you give offer our readers some insight into your field?

I am examining the impact fan fiction, and alternative media have on film canon, particularly the elevation of the horror villain to its primary asset or hero. The study involves ethnographical research and other methodologies to locate the horror villain and the various ways in which fans reinterpret the role of the villain.

Not only do you write and research in the field, but you are also an active member of the RPG community. Can you explain what RPG is and what you do?

RPG stands for ‘Role Playing Game’ and is terribly similar to the creation of fan fiction. It differs from traditional single-author fan fiction in that several authors adopt the role of a chosen character or characters from fandom and write as a team. Our group, ‘Legacy Tales,’ consists of 6 writers, including myself, four very dear friends, and my fiancé. We met through RPG and planned to write our first psychological horror novel together this summer.

So, you met your partner online?

I most certainly did. We have an ongoing Hannibal Lecter/Dexter Morgan saga. We became extremely close, and he involved me deeper and deeper in the story. We moved in together in October after speaking online for about 6 months. We have so much in common, and our relationship is one in millions. 

Who are your favorite RPG characters?

Hannibal and Mileena from Mortal Kombat. My primary tag, however, is @horroticav which is my Maleficent account.

Thank you for your time, Kerry. Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Very much so, it is a dark poem written by the man in my life, the man who changed my life, the man who crossed the world for me, and who I love; Brett Dyer.

Pain’s Retreat

I sleep splendid tunes 

Living darkness abates me 

Pain gives its reward 

I drift in pain hues 

Living darkness abates me 

Rest retreats for me

– Brett Dyer


You can follow Kerry on Twitter @horroticav, Instagram @horrotica_valkyrie and Facebook @ValkyrieKerry. You can check out Kerry’s earlier interview with BetterAuds here.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!