Is it possible to commit the perfect crime and get away with it? Find out in the book ‘In The Name of Love and Light’ by Author Barbara L Hamilton


In the Name of Love and Light is the twisted new thriller from Barbara L Hamilton. It is an exciting book with a plot that brings together the best of dramatic reveals and a love story with a dark underbelly that is sure to be a pleasure to read for any fan of twisted romances. 

Father James Affleck is a newcomer to a small rural Scottish town, coming in to replace his deceased predecessor, the beloved former priest of the local church. Father James quickly gains his own following; what is more, he quickly finds a love interest among the inhabitants. But now, everything he is building is threatened by the mysterious Circle of Illumination.

This Circle threatens all that Father James loves unless he chooses to help them in their nefarious doings. Therefore, he is expected to commit the perfect crime and challenge the love the townspeople have for him. From a pious man to a serial killer, Father James is facing the ordeal of his life as the police are getting closer and the web of sin and darkness around him grows tighter. Will he get away with it? Who will take the fall for the murders? As time runs out, James has to choose between his honor and his love.

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This is a cinematic read, one that the author hopes to see adapted for the screen soon. It offers plenty of exciting twists, interesting characters, and a fascinating premise that is certain to keep readers turning the pages. With a strong dilemma at the center of the book, Hamilton spins a dark romance and a web of conspiracy that complement each other to create a dynamic, exciting thriller with an emotional core that is sure to resonate with the readers. With some religious elements, the book offers a setting steeped in mystery and conspiracy, with the seemingly peaceful life of a small-town priest coming in conflict with the darkness and drama of the Circle of Illumination, with James stuck in the middle. 

This is the first book in a promised series that is going to take a deeper look into the conspiracies and mysteries that Father James Affleck is facing. In addition, the novel considers the community where this priest arrives and a complex dilemma that is sure to make the reader question their own values as well. 

Barbara L Hamilton is an artist with international acclaim, a singer, and a songwriter. She also has experience working in healthcare. Hamilton resides in Canada with her family. She describes In The Name of Love and Light as a young adult fiction book that is sure to fit right up the alley of fans of Stuart Pawson and Gerard O’Donovan, especially his book The Priest

This novel is likely to please fans of thrillers, especially those looking for some religious elements. It has a dark atmosphere, complex mysteries, and a whole web of sin, crime, and conspiracy to untangle.


We had the pleasure of Interviewing Barbara. Here are some excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Barbara, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I’m a first-time author and I am very excited to share my new book with you called In the Name of Love and Light. It is an adult fiction novel. It takes place in rural Scotland. Father James has big shoes to fill when the old priest dies, and he has to win them over. From a man of the cloth turned serial killer, is it possible to commit the perfect crime? He becomes deeply entangled in a web of lies and murder and is faced with choosing between his love and honor.

I’m a nurse and a mother. I’ve been writing since I was a child. I used to write plays with my friends, poetry, and short stories over the years. I’ve also recently written and co-produced a couple of songs. I’m an international artist. I paint with acrylics and make fine art polymer clay dolls. 

Please tell us about your journey. 

My journey has been a long one of learning to love myself and push myself toward my goals. 2022 I let go of a toxic relationship and it propelled me forward and allowed me to focus on achieving my goal of being a published author. 

Please tell us about your book, In the Name of Love and Light. 


My book is a crime thriller drama and twisted love story, which I hope to adapt into a movie. It is the first in a series. 

The second book is due out early to late spring. It’s a continuation of the story. 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Not making excuses. Being focused. Not watching TV. I started writing this at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns. 2 years, two books. It captivated me, and it relieved stress writing. 

Any message for our readers.

I hope you will enjoy the book. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

I’m working on a Facebook page called Barbara Hamilton Author and In the name of love and light

 You can follow me on Instagram @marlananner.


Thank you so much, Barbara, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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