YAHNEI’s debut EP ‘2:22’ impressively blends R&B with euphoric trap!!


YAHNEI presents her debut EP 2:22, an exciting, soulful, and beautiful project with a mix of genres and an artistic identity that shines in each track. Yahnei specializes in R&B, and the
EP features this genre mixed with a euphoric trap.

The artist’s origins are in Nigeria, but currently, she is based in Toronto, Canada, seeking to conquer the world through her music. Released on November 19 on all major music platforms, 2:22 is, without a doubt, just the start for this talented artist.

2:22 explores different themes, including the yearning for love and the artist’s confidence in her skill and talent. It draws inspiration from artists like Nina Simone and PartNextDoor, creating a heartfelt feeling that is sure to resonate with many different listeners.

Yahnei released her first single, Kickin’ It, on November 11, announcing her presence and the upcoming release of 2:22. Each track in the EP features its distinct sounds – from IDM, guitar, and ethereal melodies to low vocals and more; everything blends perfectly together to give each song its unique feel and vibe. Yahnei’s own sultry, soft vocals bring listeners back to the ’90s, thanks to the soulful delivery that is one of the strongest points on the album. It’s not all a throwback, however, as there is plenty of innovation as well.

Yahnei started songwriting and making music from an early age and always loved the art. Enjoying music by artists like Lil Wayne and Fela Kuti, Yahnei was inspired to make her own. Her style can be described as a unique combination of soul and trap, with a simplicity that draws listeners is. She is authentic in discussing her life experiences and opens her life through her lyrics. Yahnei offers music that listeners can easily connect with and that engages on a deep level. The album transmutes her experiences to create something novel and beautiful through an honest look into the artist’s life.

2:22 is an excellent option for fans of R&B who are looking for a fresh take on the genre. In particular, it will also please those in search of a ’90s style throwback but with some innovation and sound experiments thrown in as well. Yahnei’s vocals and lyrics are raw and vulnerable, offering a unique listening experience likely to resonate with many.

Yahnei evidently put out her all into this debut, and we can’t wait what she brings next to the table. Stream 2:22 now via your favorite music platform. Make sure to follow Yahnei on Spotify and Instagram @yahneii and stay tuned for any future projects.