Daphne Wolfe’s upcoming single, Under My Spell offers an insight into artist’s journey of self-discovery.


The rising Music star Daphne Wolfe is offering her upcoming single, Under My Spell. The song offers a vulnerable and beautiful experience that will bring this teen artist a lot of fans.

Under My Spell is set to be released in January and offers a vulnerable personal story that will resonate with many listeners. It offers an insight into Daphne’s journey of self-discovery and the identity crisis she faced after finding out about her condition, non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The artist felt self-loathing, confusion, and many other emotions as she worked to accept herself and accept the situation that she faced.

Under My Spell is described by the artist as a hate/love letter to herself, an open acknowledgment of her gender dysphoria, and a way to cope throughout this journey. The track features dark vibes and a psychedelic style but is overall an inspiring piece that helps others going through something similar know that they are not alone and supports them on the path to self-acceptance.

Daphne Wolfe’s first notable release was her cover of Creep by Radiohead. It caught the attention of many people, as did Alone Again (Naturally), another cover that gained a lot of traction. After these covers received positive attention, Daphne began making original music, with her first release being Pictures On My Wall.

Despite the traction she was getting, Daphne had to take a short hiatus. Under My Spell is meant to bring an end to this pause and bring Daphne closer to her listeners. Her goal with this song is to inspire and share something very personal, exploring the idea of how different people deal with things they might find difficult in life.

Daphne Wolfe’s music is eclectic, combining genres like synthpop, alternative pop, ethereal, and electronic. Her work is centered around her own experiences and offers vulnerable, passionate lyrics that will hit a note with many different listeners.

Under My Spell is the first piece of the next stage in Daphne’s career. She is building a presence in the music industry and is planning for more releases in 2022. The vulnerability, unique style, and beautiful lyrics that Daphne creates are sure to earn her a lot of fans.

Under My Spell can be pre-saved today. Make sure to follow Daphne Wolfe on Instagram @thedaphnewolfe and social media to stay tuned for any future releases and see what this talented young artist is up to. You can find the pre-save for the single here.


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