Seth Jacobsen is embarking on a musical journey with his debut release ‘Count on Me’


Count on Me is the promising debut single from emerging artist Seth Jacobsen. Unpredictable, novel, fresh, this new track offers a beautiful experience for listeners and ushers in a new artist with a lot of skill and power.

Seth Jacobsen is an artist from Upstate, New York, and he has been working on his music for many years. He has trained diligently as a songwriter, vocalist, and trumpet player, and Count on Me comes as a result of many years of hard work. Seth started singing when he was four and has always sought additional ways to engage with music. When he was only seven, he first picked up the trumpet, an instrument that would enable him to share his gifts and love with other people successfully. He would win all his solo competitions, but when the time came, he pursued a singing rather than just a trumpeting career.

Count on Me is a promise to music fans to excite and capture their attention with this and any future tracks. It starts with a catchy hook and creates a stylish, enthralling melody. The track was written by Seth and was co-produced by Seth himself and Dylan Ronan. Steven Clark also mixed and mastered the track at Clear Track Studios in Florida.

Jacobsen has always been drawn to music, and he takes inspiration from the best, from Mozart to Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra. However, his music carries his personal vision and talent, a signature stage presence, and the view of music as an art, which he hopes will inspire and mesmerize his audience. The song is full of creative energy and reflects Seth’s unique approach and careful attention to detail. All of this is sure to capture the imagination of the listeners and keep them hooked throughout and wanting more.

Seth promises that if listeners enjoy Count on Me, they will adore all that is to come next, as he does not intend to drop any of his signature elements or quality but instead to keep on improving and honing his skill. Stay tuned for future releases because Seth is here to stay.

You can listen to Count on Me on Spotify and on Apple Music. Make sure to keep up with Seth and see what exciting new projects he will be bringing next. With a blend of classic influences and modern sensibilities, Count on Me is sure to resonate with many different listeners and turn many into fans.