Kenton Place Releases ‘Roses On The Wall’ From Their Upcoming EP


Roses On The Wall is the new music video from Kenton Place, the Houston-based band that is making a splash on the national music scene and reaching more and more fans.

Roses On The Wall is a hard rock and metal track that centers the signature guitar riffs of Kenton Place and tells an emotional, beautiful story. The music video centers on the experience of a young woman who receives a cancer diagnosis and comes to terms with this situation, as well as the perspective of her father, who must cope with the loss of his daughter. The song and the video are meant to promote cancer awareness and offer some support to those on the difficult journey towards acceptance.

Roses On The Wall comes as one of the demonstrations of Kenton Place’s musical skill, soon to be showcased in full with their upcoming EP Terminal, coming out on March 4th. Terminal was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and featured two Grammy winners, producer Ulrich Wild and mastering engineer Ted Jensen. They are known for their work with bands and artists like Gunz and Roses, Norah Jones, Breaking Benjamin, and Snoop Dogg.

Kenton Place is developing its own style, which is certain to make them a household name sooner or later. They have rich melodies with deep lyrics that tell stories that resonate with their audience. They have established themselves as a unique band with a sound that draws from classic stars and has its own flavor and creative energy that is unlike any other. Their music is to help others heal, just as it has helped the band members.

Kenton Place started performing together in 2018. They have played some of the biggest stages in Houston and released their debut single Pride Never Lasts in 2019. It received on-air time and recognition in its home state. Kenton Place is a name that honors the band members’ roots and their childhood memories that are intrinsically linked to this location. The band comprises a group of childhood friends who have come together to share their music. The group includes Logan Smalley/Smalls on vocals and the guitar, Noe Hernandez/Fez on the drums, Roque Techera/Rock on lead guitar, and Curtis Bird/Mr. Bird on bass guitar.

Terminal, which features Roses On The Wall, is a journey and a non-linear narrative about the five stages of grief and the experiences of loss that can affect everyone. The story will be told through the songs and also through the upcoming music videos. Expressive, beautiful, and compassionate, Roses On The Wall is certain to inspire a lot of different emotions.

You can stream Roses On The Wall on different music platforms. Check out the music video on the YouTube channel of Kenton Place. For additional information, you can visit the band’s website. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Terminal in March. You can follow them on Instagram @kentonplace to make sure you don’t miss any future releases.