Get a club vibe experience by listening to the collaborative album of Head Fake with Dub Fu Masters!


Miss clubbing? The upbeat music, the crowd, moving their hips to the beat, dancing your heart out with your friends? Sigh. Although the Covid pandemic has ripped that fun from us, Head Fake’s new album will give you some major club vibes. Head Fake and Dub Fu Masters is the collab we didn’t know we needed in our life. Until now. But now that we’ve got a taste of the amazing music they can create, we are rooting for more songs from them.

The album successfully managed to give us all the vibes we usually associate with a night out in our favorite club. The upbeat music, the crowd, the dim lights, and the carefree vibes. The tracks take you back to the blissful time before we were not limited to our homes. The social distancing protocols are here to stay. So, this means clubs aren’t opening anytime soon. Under the circumstances, this album is the closest thing you can get to a club experience. At least, music-wise. The sudden wave of nostalgia will hit you, but the catchy music will help lift your mood too.

According to reports, the inspiration for this album came from Head Fake. He wanted to make club versions of his previous tracks to mix things up. Although his original track “One Step” was pretty cool with its 80’s melody, we have to agree that the club version is better. The unique juxtaposition of the clubbing theme with the 80’s melody makes this song an interesting pick. The same goes for his other singles, “Trump Funk” and “Overjoyed,” the latter of which had a sober yet upbeat rhythm.

Dub Fu was quick to join Head Fake’s unique idea, and we are so glad for the collab. The album has certainly grabbed everyone’s attention and has played thousands of times on various media platforms. If you haven’t checked out this album yet, we recommend you do so.

Because we can guarantee that once you’ve got a taste of this, you would be anxiously waiting for more from these artists.

The 80’s tunes are not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why the clubbing theme was a perfect idea. The lyrics and the beats resonate with our generation, and consequently, the album has garnered a lot of attention. And why shouldn’t it? The catchy upbeat is enough to lift your mood and get you swinging your hips to the beat.

Kudos to Head Fake and Dub Fu Masters for creating such a brilliant album for us to enjoy amid these bleak times. They got us waiting for more!

Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. 

About Head Fake

Head Fake has got a unique style of its own. They seamlessly blend the 80’s vibes into modern melodies. For this reason, they are loved by both the new generation and their nostalgic parents. Recorded in studios in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, Head Fake seamlessly blends the cross-pond and cross-continental radio influences of their youth into a “could have been hits back then” collection of new music.

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