LA-based musician Trevour Amunga’s latest EP ‘For Akira’ is innovative and thought-provoking!


For Akira is the newest release from Trevour Amunga, offering a beautiful and original compilation featuring tracks that explore love, loss, ambition, dreams, and so much

This EP, as the name would suggest, is inspired by the classic anime Akira. The landmark animated movie is an enigmatic story of a dystopian future and the self, exploring many themes in a way that left their mark on many artists today, and Trevour is not an exception.

Trevour has built a name for himself, thanks to the inspired and diverse music he
creates. His sound distinguishes itself from the edgy instrumentals, catchy melodies, and deep lyrics that explore various themes through poetic and profound texts.

For Akira explores themes of coming of age, the trials and tribulations of youth, the violence, and love that characterize this period of our lives. The ties to the original anime are clear, and the EP takes up many themes that are sure to resonate with those who enjoy the work. However, even for someone who has never heard of Akira before, the tracks are sure to provide a memorable listening experience. The music is innovative, exquisite, and thought-provoking, never becoming overbearing or difficult. It offers a great introduction to the artist’s work and a unique, stylish sound that will please those looking for strong indie voices. Indeed, Trevour is a star on the rise.

Trevour was born in Kenya who spent his childhood there until his family moved to America when he was just 11. He stands out as a rapper and songwriter who puts a lot of emphasis on poetry and authenticity, making ‘For Akira’ a powerful debut EP. It serves as a wonderful presentation card, sure to provide a solid foundation for Trevour in the music industry. The EP is sure to find a lot of fans among those interested in rap with deep lyrics and a unique style, anime fans, those looking for poetic and distinctive tracks that uniquely tackle deep themes.

You can find Trevour Amunga on all the major music streaming platforms. Follow him on Instagram @trevour_a and stay tuned for new exciting projects.


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