Afropop musical group itsENJ – The Dapper Duo enthralls the audience with the music video of Moonside from their EP ‘Born on the Moon’


Bronx-based Afropop/Afro-soul musical group, itsENJ, releases music video, “Moonside.” The song is off their new EP, Born on the Moon.

The upbeat Afropop song is a sure shot way to lift your spirits. Afro-pop and Afro-soul are two of the genres gaining quick popularity, and with this single, ItsENJ has established itself as one of the best musical groups in this genre. The song is reportedly inspired by their new EP, “Born on the Moon.”

The song features some of the most upbeat melodies for anyone who likes afro-pop. The musical group has certainly managed to make an impact by the suave rhythm and the soulful lyrics. They reflect the time where the group got stuck in Nigeria. Reportedly, the group had quite a tough time back there. Many officials in Nigeria considered them suspicious, given their unique hairstyles and computers. According to ItsENJ’s own words, “the Nigerian police will brand you as a scammer to harass you and try to extort you.”


The duo had some bad experiences when they were stuck in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. The travel ban meant that everyone had to stay where they were. The entire ordeal is sad and somewhat disturbing, but we are glad that the musical group didn’t get discouraged by that. Instead, they made a phenomenal music video out of the experience that is quite an admirable feat. Not everyone has the determination to take something positive out of every situation. Their bravado and vigor for their new music video are remarkable.

So, we would suggest you give this amazing track a go. The duo has done an excellent job with the beat, and the overall vibe will hook you in from the very start. 

“Moonside” is available now on YouTube. Born On The Moon is also available now on all major platforms. 



itsENJ is also releasing limited-edition merchandise in correlation with the upcoming EP available on their website

About ItsENJ


ItsENJ is a duo comprising of two inseparable brothers Chimdi and OTITO. The pair has often been labeled as the “Dapper Duo,” and the title is fully justified. Their personality is just as unique and interesting as their music. The Nigerian immigrants worked hard for where they are today. 

ItsENJ is now a Bronx based musical group that has gained popularity on many major streaming platforms. The duo has infused a variety of cultures into their music, including Hispanic, Caribbean, and African. The unique blend of these cultural themes sets these artists apart from others in this genre. These brothers are also all-rounders when it comes to music.

From songwriting to music recording and performing, they are equally talented in all music-related things. It certainly looks like the brothers have a deep passion for music. Chimdi and OTITO have also founded their own production company known ENJ Productions, currently with an extensive client list. Well, good for them!

For now, we are going back to listen Moonside on repeat. Make sure to check out their website and social media for more information regarding this dapper duo!  

You can also check out the Instagram handle @itsenj_.