USA based Superior Washer & Gasket Corp strive to become market leaders in their field!


Having top quality tools and hardware is essential for any kind of product and business. Without adequate supplies, you can’t rely on achieving top quality results either. With washers, including different types of models, it’s very important to have options from quality materials and that align perfectly with the project you require them for.

Superior Washer & Gasket Corp is an organization that manufactures and sells spring washers and spring Belleville washers that can be customized to the exact specifications of the customer. The company provides a wide selection of washers in the catalog and also has a wide array of sizes and thicknesses that the customer can specify easily to get exactly what they need. The client can also provide an RFQ with the specific details they would require, and a small or a large order can get filled very quickly. Custom orders are filled ASAP, so even if the company doesn’t carry the specific washers you need, these can be produced on demand.

Spring Washers from Superior Washer & Gasket Corp stand out for their quality and the quality of their materials, their variety, and more. The company commits to offering also prompt delivery and reliable customer service. As a U.S.-based company, they strive to become market leaders in their area. They have been providing the service for decades and have successfully supported OEMs, fastener distributors, and any other professionals. Any questions that you might want answered will receive prompt replies from industry specialists, and the order is tracked until it arrives from the moment you place it.

The inventory the company has is truly impressive. They house over a billion washers and an addition 370 thousand specially sized parts. There are two manufacturing facilities  in the U.S. with over 100 power presses that work with 20 thousand square fit of raw material. In addition to a wide selection of dies, they also have an in-house die shop, allowing them to produce whatever is needed quickly. Superior Washer & Gasket Corp has its ISO-9001 certification and guarantees the top performance standards for each product they ship out.

They provide some of the best and broadest options for washers. The company stands out for everything that they provide and the personalized services they offer. In addition to the possibility of acquiring washers of any size and thickness, it is possible to place large orders and receive them very quickly.

While washers are a specialized product, their quality matters a lot. With Superior Washer & Gasket Corp, you will be able to discover whatever type of washer you need and get it manufactured, if needed, and shipped to your company post-haste. They have decades of experience and has always distinguished itself by the excellence of its washers and also by the top-notch customer service they offer. You can search for the right washer at their website and also send a request for a specific type of product if you can’t find what you need. The customer service representatives are always ready for your question and concerns.


The above article is a guest post by Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.