New York-Based Artist WhoExotic offers an emotional experience in ‘Fake Friends’


Who hasn’t been disappointed in a relationship or betrayed by someone they felt was a close friend or even something closer, perhaps? If this brings to mind a dark experience, you are sure to find some solace in the new single, Fake Friends, from WhoExotic.

The song is heartfelt, very open, and vulnerable. It comes as no surprise that it is based on a true relationship, a personal story of struggles. The track is deep, reflective, and the lyrics are certain to hit some sensitive spots in the best way we hope to be moved by art.
Fake Friends is not just all gloom, however, as it is, ultimately, an inspiring track to get others to talk about what ails them and the pain they have felt in the past and keep going forward.


WhoExotic is a rising artist who innovates with every track and achieves a unique mixture of sounds, genres, and styles to create a lot of diversity. He also has an upcoming project titled ’Psycho!’, which is scheduled for a February 2022 release. Fake Friends is a preview of the upcoming album, which adds to the anticipation, as the song shows WhoExotic’s different sides of his talent. Fans of original and unique music, those looking for new indie voices with a distinctive style, and those looking for something with powerful lyrics are sure to find music to enjoy here.

Fake Friends offers an emotional experience, discussing past connections, hardships, and disappointments, but ultimately leaves the listener with a message of hope, bravery, and encouragement. This is art meant to empower others to share their stories, using music as a catalyst for change.

Connect with WhoExotic on Instagram @whoexotic to see what he is up to now. Stay tuned for Psycho!, coming out in a few months. And stream Fake Friends on Spotify and other music platforms.

Written by BetterAuds Team