Get inspired by the thought-provoking project ‘YS VS’ by rising HipHop artist Ys The Legend


YS VS is the new album from recording artist Ys The Legend. It is a project that tells the story of a young Black man who has faced countless tribulations and has worked hard to change the narrative he has been presented with. 

Ys The Legend came from an abusive household. He has been shot and has faced all the temptations and dangers of the street. However, now he has enough will and strength, and power to change his narrative. The album draws from Ys The Legend’s own experiences, and it’s a powerful and raw story told authentically.

Ys was raised between Augusta, Savannah, and Chicago; between Georgia and Illinois. He first discovered his love for music at an early age, thanks to artists like Goodie Mob and Kanye West. It inspired a desire to learn every aspect of hip-hop, to write music, to create poetry, and to build powerful connections with men and women alike.

Ys was shot and took time to recover. This situation made him reevaluate many things, and he decided to take his music more seriously, dropping music consistently for friends, families, and fans. He started the #9to5Hustler Movement, which is an inspirational movement for working towards your goals, no excuses, doing what needs to be done every day. The Movement encapsulates Ys’ own serious approach to music. He worked 9 to 5 on his day job for about two years and then worked more at home on his music. He dropped new songs regularly, and Ys continues his journey to become the best rapper.


YS VS is a raw and emotional album that is likely to reach any hip-hop fan and those looking for an album with more substance. With a lot of hard work behind it, the album showcases the difficult journey of the artist retold in a way that can resonate with thousands dealing with the same struggles. It’s raw and authentic in a way that reaches listeners directly and leaves a long-lasting impact. 

The artist is growing continuously, and this new album reflects years of hard work and hustling that have allowed him to create such a distinctive and focused album. With a lot of emotion and a moving narrative that manages to be both personal and societal, Ys offers an experience packaged as a high-quality album. 

This rapper is hustling all the time to pursue his dreams and shows no sign of slowing down. Follow Ys The Legend on Instagram @ysthelegend to discover upcoming releases. Keep an eye out on #9to5Hustler Movement and follow the journey Ys is undertaking to reach the top and become the best rapper he can be.

YS VS is available on all the main streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.