Enjoy the fun vibes and groovy music in the EP ‘March Madness’ by Young And Moving, popularly known as YNM

Young And Moving, or YNM, are releasing a new EP titled March Madness. Two members, Tyree Morris and Frank, have been making music throughout their lives as a family, and are now working with OnePluto and Sosa to make something new and exciting. March Madness is a thrilling and exciting release from this band.

Tyree Morris, also known as TYI$, and his cousin Frank come from a family that makes music, something that has permeated their lives since the start. In 8th grade, both of them started rapping. Since then, they have been working hard to improve and become the best. 

Like other works from YNM, March Madness is all about making a difference and inspiring other people to follow thei dreams, which has always been the core of the band’s philosophy. They work hard to encourage others to do the same, to stop waiting for tomorrow to come, and instead work as if today was the right day to do it all. YNM is based in Mountain Home, Idaho. 

YNM is a band that offers exciting, fun, and quality rap music. Each member works hard to be the best they can be, and with every single release, there is a significant improvement. YNM is moving quickly and hustling to the top. YNM has amazing rap that distinguishes itself through the flawless delivery, the amazing flow, and the sharp lyrics that are always on point.

This is a band that works hard to inspire their followers to work for their dreams and invite their listeners to walk together on the road to success through hustle and grind. Their songs reflect this mindset, which can easily resonate with many different people in their audience who are also looking for the best path forward and are willing to do the work it will take to get there. YNM has released a lot of music, and March Madness is the newest EP that highlights the growth journey that the group has undertaken.

March Madness is certain to become popular with fans of hip-hop who want to follow this rising group on their path to success. There is going to be a long road ahead, but all YNM members have the right mindset to get even higher in the super competitive world of rap and the music scene, more generally speaking. The hustle and grind mindset, the willingness to always improve, and the inspirational quality of their music shines through in each track.

March Madness is likely to please fans of previous releases from YNM and also those hoping to discover up-and-coming rap artists who are likely to go on to many amazing things in the future.

You can find and follow the members of Young And Moving on various social media sites. You can find all the music from this group and more information about each member on the website. There is also going to be merch to support the band.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Tyree Morris of Young And Moving. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Tyree, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, my artist name is TYI$ its the first two letters of my first name and the last two letters of my last name are pronounced as TYIS. The style of music I mainly do is RnB/HipHop. 

Please tell us more about your journey.

I was born and raised in Mountain Home, Idaho, and I knew I had a talent that stood out because the music presented here is still merging, so I knew having a footprint in this process was going to be one for the books. 

My biggest influences for the music I do is Drake, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Eric Bellinger, & Bryson Tiller. 

Please share with our readers about your music projects.

The latest single I just put out on valentine’s day is like a Pop/RnB vibe called ‘In This To The End,’ available on all platforms. The song symbolizes how much I care about my significant other, and I’m glad we are in our relationship. The picture it paints is basically about being honest with her and letting her know that I listen to her when she needs someone to talk to. She’s the only one I want by my side. I consider myself an artist, but I do more than that; I write my music and produce the beats as well. I also do my own graphic designs and often do self-portraits with my camera. I have been making music since I was a kid, roughly 12 years now. I’m 24 years old right now and currently in the process of getting ready to drop my new project/EP called March Madness. The vibe behind this project mainly focuses on me perfecting my craft by being consistent with bettering my sound. 

Having confidence in the message I bring to the table, knowing who I am and what my purpose is. I also show in this project how life can be rough, but there is always an upside to things, no matter what happens. I also have a song on there that voices my toxic traits because, as you know, everyone is not perfect. My main focus for this project was to try to make music more for my hip-hop fans and to chill on the RnB vibes for a bit. This project is vol.2 that will be available March 3rd, 2023. I put out the EP last year, 2022, called TYIS Madness, which is how I got the name for the second project.

I’ve done multiple shows over the years in Boise quite a few at the Shredder and a couple of times at the Knitting Factory. Slowed down performing after covid hit but hoping to get back in the mix this upcoming year.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Some things that helped me become successful in my music journey are just being consistent and working on my craft as much as I can. I also use music as my therapy outlet to keep me from bottling everything up inside. I have always been passionate about music and knew this was what I wanted to pursue for many years. 

Any message for our readers 

If anybody is reading this, I just want to let you know that following your dreams is possible. Don’t let no one tell you differently.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

If you want to find out more about me, follow me on Instagram @ tyis98. You can listen to my music on YouTube channel.


Thank you so much, Tyree, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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