Cecy Santana creates a sultry soundscape of lyrical and creative flavors with the track ‘You Make Me Say’.

You Make Me Say is the newest release from Cecy Santana, the Brazilian artist who has been turning heads in the music industry. With a sexy sound and an equally sexy video to follow, You Make Me Say is a sultry and provocative track that is sure to compel listeners and have them singing along each time.

The song is produced by the legendary 20 Fingers Manny Mohr and is the first but not necessarily last collaboration between Cecy and Manny. Known for her versatile style, Cecy combines jazz, funk, pop, and samba, which have become a part of her signature style.

Cecy Santana stands out for her sexy, steamy, and flirty style that never loses the fun elements of her music. With a lot of Brazilian flavor, the artist brings her heritage to the forefront and sings to inspire the world, as she proclaims on her social media. The music video for the song highlights the sexy aspects of the songs and spices it up with a bit of humor, adding to the overall style and making all the colors and the beats pop out even more.

Cecy comes from Sao Paulo, and she came to Chicago, Illinois, in pursuit of her dreams of music and ongoing work towards success. She comes from a musical family, hence started learning music at an early age. Her father is Carlos Santana, a renowned trumpeter, conductor and first chair of both the Sao Paulo and Rio Symphony Orchestras.

The artist has worked across genres and has performed on various venues with powerhouses such as Lil Wayne, Musiq Soulchild, Carl Thomas, Fantasia Barrino, and many more. Also a composer, her original music has been featured in commercials and music conventions.

Cecy Santana’s You Make Me Say is sure to be a hit among people looking for new trends in U.S. music, in particular, for Latin influences. The track blends a variety of genres together masterfully to create a sexy and fun experience that showcases the artist’s vocal talents. It is likely to please pop fans and those looking for a sexy track to spice up their day. All of Cecy Santana’s expertise comes together in the track, along with 20 Fingers’ excellent production, with a stylish and high-quality video to complement the music with some fun visuals and a spicy little story to be enjoyed by the viewers. 

You can find You Make Me Say on the major music streaming platforms. You can visit her website and follow Cecy Santana on Instagram @cecymakesmusic to stay tuned for new releases and see what this artist brings next.