Wingman’s song ‘Crash Land‘ is born out of an experience of emergency landing his helicopter in California mountains.


‘Crash Land’ is a new music video release from Wingman. A rap and electronic piece that has been drawing a lot of attention now comes with a striking visual style to make it captivating. 

Wingman did not expect to create ‘Crash Land.‘ It was born out of a remarkable experience – the need for an emergency landing in his helicopter that took him to the mountains of California and miles away from the nearest town. No cell service either, so Wingman and his cameraman had to hike for hours until they reached a spot to call a rescue team. This is a remarkable experience for anyone, and the whole thing was not only captured on camera but later used to create a unique visual and musical project. Crash Land takes an approach that blends music and visuals from an event as it develops, drawing the viewer in both through the sound and the story it tells. From the exciting video to the fun music, there is a lot to enjoy here.


At the time, the duo was filming another music video, and this adventure provided the perfect opportunity to capture footage from before and after, and that led to a contrasting, beautifully told story of a journey. Something harrowing and frightening turned into art and a powerful creative statement that details an adventure. The real-life background adds a whole new layer to the video and makes the song hit harder.

The video shines a spotlight on how we can transform any experience into real art, especially with the right talent, and how even during the most difficult situations, there are beautiful things to be found. You can check out the below video with real crash landing footage:

Crash Land follows up the success of previous releases like ‘F Up My Life,’ ‘Beijing,’ and ‘Weird New Feelings,’ featured in the album of the same name. Wingman has over 5 million streams and is continuously rising in popularity. The newest music video is just another effective project among quite a few. 

Wingman’s passion for music started since he was a kid. He made beats when he was young and kept working on his craft, something that he is doing continuously. With influence from artists like Flume and Kasbo, Wingman shaped his own sound, blending electronic drops and rapping. Today, Wingman is working on many fresh and original projects to reach more listeners. He wants to tell stories and create a unique sound that will make an impact on the world. 


Today, Wingman is continuously growing his brand and music and rising as an original rap star, with a unique blend between genres and excellent vocals, as well as songs and visuals that focus on telling stories that are memorable and striking. 

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