Will Francis has fused multiple genres with incredible finesse in his latest album ‘The Best Of…’

‘The Best Of…’ is the newest genre-defying compilation from Will Francis, an indie artist with a fresh take on familiar beats. Will Francis or Dolla Bill offers a blend of familiar styles uniquely with powerful lyrical themes.

The enchanting new album from the multi-faceted singer/songwriter has something for everyone. Drawing from elements of Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, and Folk, ‘The Best Of…’ delves into themes of self-reflection, loss, resilience, humility, love, a higher power, and more. It offers a fascinating listening experience. 


‘The Best Of…’ showcases various musical influences and capabilities of the artist with 12 fully unique tracks. The opener, “Busta U-Turn, is a West Coast trap banger that reflects on the past. Turn The Screw, for instance, is all rock and all angst. Each track is focused on its own theme and tone, sometimes wildly distinct from one another. “Pink Ribbon” tells the story of close loved ones fighting cancer. As the name would suggest, “Chill With This” is a soothing song filled with instrumentals and a peaceful message.

From soothing tones to rhythmic energy, the album also takes the listener across different themes, creating a wholly unique experience with genre-blending and mixing that makes the offering special. Will’s deep voice also adds to the power of each song. You can check out his Youtube channel.

About Will Francis

Will Francis is from Clayton, North Carolina, and is currently based in his home state. Will is a singer, songwriter, and MC. 

Will has also been doing live shows, streaming, released music videos, and his music has been featured across different platforms, including radio and social media. 

Will first learned to play guitar when he was sixteen, imitating the popular bands among his friends. This ignited a passion for music that would last a lifetime. As a teen, he started developing his talent as a songwriter and finding his true voice and a genre that would suit him. Eventually, he produced his blend of music that allowed him to utilize his musical talent fully.

For over seven years, Will has been performing and writing rock and hip hop music across North Carolina. He got the nickname “Dolla Bill” from a coworker that turned him onto freestyling and filling in as an MC. 

Will considers his biggest influences in music to come from Kendrick Lamar, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Eminem, Biggie, Dre, and Dime P. He also has been inspired by country, rock, and folk. 

‘The Best Of…’ is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Will Francis on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud for more information and future updates.