Versatile Music Artist PEP aka Prezidor Ezemweghian Porbeni shows true essence of Hip-Hop Music with his single ‘On a Wave’

PEP On a Wave

On a Wave is one of the two new releases from PEP, the Bronx-based artist and songwriter who is making a splash on the indie scene with great reviews for his music that uses rap and other genre elements to great effect. On a Wave is an energetic song with a lot of power and a chill vibe. 

PEP is a musician and songwriter with over a decade of experience. He is a rapper and a singer who also plays the drums, the piano, and the guitar, which adds a lot of versatility to his music. After a long hiatus, PEP is now coming back with a lot of energy, releasing three new songs in the span of  three months. He put out “Bop” in November and “Buss It‘ & “On A Wave” in January. 

2023 is a year that is also certain to bring a lot of new material from the artist, as he is committed to offering a lot more songs, in the same vein of those that he has already released and has seen a very positive response to. 


On a Wave is a chill, fun song about following one’s own path in life. PEP talks about being in his lane and not becoming a follower to anyone, just doing his thing. Over last few days, this release has amassed 40k Streams and is on pace to hit 50k Streams in just 10 days on Audiomack and continues to inspire more people.

The song is sure to appeal to people who enjoy rap and who want to add new tracks to their faves playlist, as it is a song with a lot of humor, a chill beat, and a great melody that sticks with the listener for a while.

PEP is known for his diverse works, promoting new styles and ideas in hip-hop. He hopes to reach a global audience, and his music resonates with listeners from all over the world. He was born in Lagos but raised in the Bronx, and today he is making music that is full of good vibes and a charming style that distinguishes this artist. 


PEP stands for Prezidor Ezemweghian Porbeni, his full name, and what it means is having good energy and high spirits. This is a meaningful moniker, as the artist has faced a lot of hardship, including incarceration, which made him pause his music career. Today, he is coming back and giving it all he has got, drawing inspiration from great artists like Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Sean. His music reflects his own experiences and is always sure to be relatable, engaging, and reflective. 

Check out the other fresh single from PEP, Buss It, here.

On a Wave can be recommended without a doubt to fans of rap who want something fresh and unique. Listen to the track and join the thousands of listeners who have enjoyed it so far. 


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