Upcoming Rapper NOYZ’s single ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ is an alluring sneak-peak into contemporary Hip Hop!

If you like rap songs, you need to check out this amazing new single by NOYZ. Like now, his track Don’t Let Me Fall is definitely our new favorite vibe. 

The chorus at the beginning of this track just puts you in the feels. It makes you feel so much more energetic and motivated. The background tunes are simply splendid. Such a catchy mix, and the lyrics just seem to complement the song. 

The overall vibe of this song is so uplifting. And the chorus is just the cherry on top. The other musical notes are just as perfect, with NOYZ singing the right parts at the right time. Like we mentioned before, the music just seems to blend in with the lyrics, creating an exuberant vibe that everyone is bound to love. 


This particular quality makes it such a good song to listen to when you are sad or unmotivated. It would instantly brighten up your mood definitely make you feel like you are on top of the world. So, we certainly recommend you add this to your playlist when you need a boost of confidence and energy. Oh, and by the way, it’s a great song to listen to when you are getting ready in the morning. It will give you the positive energy you need for the day

Coming to the lyrics, they have just the right words that you need to hear. The mixture of rap and repetitive lines certainly casts a spell on you. It just makes you believe the words being said like a mantra. NOYZ has such a magical voice: powerful, emotional, and not too vulnerable. Quite impactful, if you ask me. 

Also, the singer has done an excellent job with the video too. He kept it pretty basic. Snippets of himself doing the most mundane things. Like singing in a club, or just having a casual night with friends, having fun. This makes it all the more relatable. The video doesn’t show a guy suddenly realizing the meaning of life and figuring his life out; it shows what’s real, how mundane things can be just as motivational and uplifting. 


So, if you haven’t checked out this song, we strongly encourage you to do so. Because this might just change your outlook on life. And that’s what good music is supposed to do, right? Influence how you feel, and we can guarantee it will certainly uplift your mood. 

Don’t Let Me Fall by NOYZ is now available across all major music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music

About NOYZ 

NOYZ is an American rapper. At a young age, NOYZ fell in love with descriptive writing. He jumped around with the idea of becoming a novelist or a scriptwriter. But later found himself relating to rap music and the culture in which it’s surrounded. He started keeping notebooks and had random rhymes written at the age of fourteen. NOYZ performed at his first live show at a small gathering at a private party and a few years later worked his way up to performance venues. After his last show in December 2019, NOYZ decided it was time to take the next step in his career and share his music with the world. Six months later, NOYZ released his 3 track EP ‘ENVY’ in June 2020 and began working on a second project shortly after. The young artist has already released a single and a video from the new project, ‘Now I See’ by NOYZ. The full project is expected to release sometime very soon.

You can check out his Instagram @noyzpt.