Ukraine’s tragic war inspires Steve Major’s emotional single: ‘TORN’ / ‘РОЗДIЛЕНI’

The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to be one of the greatest tragedies in recent memory. Between the loss of life, sheer property damage, and pointless bloodshed, many are hoping for the violence to end soon. For Steve Major, the war is a source of conflict, and he’s fighting in the best way he can. Through creative expression and the creation of art, particularly his latest single, “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI.”

If you’ve noticed, the new single has a rather interesting name. The single has two versions, one in English under the name “TORN” and a second version called “РОЗДIЛЕНI” with Ukrainian lyrics interspersed among the English. They’re fundamentally the same song with the same theme, but the message is stronger as a pair.

With that out of the way, what about the song itself? Well, before anything else, it’s essential to recognize that “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” is a statement. It’s a rallying war cry, asking the best of humanity to stand together against the war. It must have strong songwriting and rousing instrumentals to encourage and provoke these intense emotions.

TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” spectacularly accomplishes this. From a songwriting perspective, it’s an incredibly impressive showing. Steve writes his lyrics sharply; they’re straight to the point and don’t meander with what they’re trying to say. It’s an effective approach for a song like this, with no room for subtlety. What Steve is trying to say is loud and clear, especially with the Ukrainian version.

Steve’s delivery also matches this, carrying a sense of urgency. It imbues the listener with this same feeling and rouses you into action. Steve has gone on record, citing how the war has changed the lives of many of his friends, and it’s something that haunts him. He presents every line with boisterous energy, anger, and a sincere and somber edge that strikes hard.

Instrumentally, the song soars with bombastic guitars and percussion, blasting the listener with a wall of sound. It gives the single an almost otherworldly, larger-than-life presence. Every note elevates the single to newer heights, and it’s a continuous rush of frenetic power from start to finish. There’s no room for juxtaposition here, and Steve’s pushing higher with every passing moment.

Now, the mix can often get overwhelming when it comes to songs like these. That’s why we’re glad to see that “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” manages to keep its sound from becoming too much. It owes this to the good production, allowing the song to remain focused and not overly busy sounding. There’s a lot to love here.

Overall, “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” is a fantastic single, one that’s built for a good cause. Steve worked with renowned Ukrainian filmmaker Anton Popov to make the music video for this single, so you’ll want to check it out.

You can check out the official music video on Youtube. You can visit the website or follow the artist on Instagram @stevemajorofficial.


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