Tune into flirty, chill and rhythmic beats in the EP ‘Shirtless: The Remixes’ by Singer, Songwriter & Actor Valton Jackson!!

Shirtless: The Remixes is an exciting new offering by Singer and Actor Valton Jackson, who turns his talents towards musical production. The artist, songwriter, singer, model, and musical star now continues his career in the music industry. His first release came in 2015 with the ‘Can’t Get Next 2 U’ single. Now, the artist offers us a new EP with 3 brand new remixes and a remastered version of 2016 single ‘Shirtless.’

Valton Jackson says he is a southern boy from Columbus, Georgia, who went looking for his luck in New York over 11 years ago. He chose the Big Apple to start his career and has since then done many different things without ever abandoning the artistic dream. 

He has been on-stage and on-screen, performed on cruise ships as a singer, and also shown his skill as a model on runways in the U.S. and abroad. His debut was, as mentioned, 2015’s ‘Can’t Get Next 2 U’ with Anticodon Records. The most recent work Valton participated in was the dramatic performance “Soju” at MITU theatre festival. And today, he brings a new offering to the table with the support of his longtime producer D3L.




Shirtless: The Remixes features five tracks: Intro (This Fantasy), a remastered version of ‘’Shirtless’’, and 3 remixes. The EP is flirty and has a chill beat that takes the listener along. Shirtless (Remastered) is sexy and fun and offers a more inclusive option for dancing or just relaxing.

Valton views this song as the one that best reflects him and his art. Showing influences from R&B coming from the 90s, pop coming from the 2000s, and Euro-dance, the song provides something in the middle – chill but rhythmic, vulnerable but flirty.

While at the moment, clubs around the world are still closed, Valton hopes that soon all listeners will be able to dance together and enjoy the song together as well. For the artist, dancing is the best way to get to know one another, even if you never get to see the person again. Losing dancing during the pandemic has hit hard, but Valton says that as long as there is music and a dancefloor, everything will be OK. This is the attitude the singer tries to bring to the song, hoping to unite everyone through a bit of music and fun. As someone with a commitment to LBTQ+ causes, the themes of inclusivity are very important for Valton and are reflected in all his work, adding a distinctive touch to Shirtless as well.  

Shirtless: The Remixes can be found on Apple Music, along with other tracks created by Valton Jackson. You can also find him doing stage work in New York and touring the runways across the country and beyond. Let’s see what future releases will bring.

About Valton Jackson


With Valton being based in New York for over 11 years; He’s been able to do theatrical work and pursue music and modeling. He was also able to get the most experience with singing by starting out as a singer for cruise ships for two years. The dramatic performance “Soju” was his most recent work Valton participated in at MITU theatre festival and was one of the few projects he’s worked on along with being published for his writing talents. Whilst pursuing his career in music, Valton worked in nightlife as a performer and was able to independently become a solo artist and release music as early as 2015. 

You can check out his Instagram @valtonjackson.