Music Artist Travis Cole treats fans with his upbeat and happy song – You and Me!

Travis Cole treats fans to a new release. The new single You and Me, out since August 20, is an upbeat and happy song that is perfect for singing and dancing along to. With a fun beat and a charming set of lyrics, it’s the perfect happy song.

Travis Cole is a recording artist and creative entrepreneur who has been working on his music since high school when this passion was first ignited. First, he started learning guitar and working on his vocal skills. Then, as an adult, Travis knew this was what he wanted to do with his life and launched the company JayFlight Music.

The artist has been making a name for himself as a performer and also as a support for other musicians. He was helping others make their music, offering help with production and releases for indie artists. He wanted to learn as much as he could about music and absorb as much as he could about production, writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, distributing, marketing, and social media as it applies specifically to the field. This has allowed Travis to start his own company and offer a variety of services to other musicians, as well as to begin developing his own career as an artist.


Producing and creating his own music has allowed Travis to take full creative control and produce the tracks that best reflect his artistic vision.

Already, Travis has several singles in his catalog and is currently working on an EP. His music is all about a sound-based journey through rhythms and melodies that are sure to draw the listener in. You and Me is the latest addition to this catalog. 

The song is an upbeat track that is a lot of fun to listen to. It offers a nice, pleasant experience that is likely to stick with the listener for a while and make their day just a bit better. A great song for dancing and singing, it is an excellent show of the type of music we can expect from Travis in the future. In addition to the work he does for other musicians, Travis Cole’s own tracks appear to be very fun and engaging. You and Me is likely to be enjoyed by those looking for something light but still meaningful, an upbeat melody to brighten their day, or for something to dance to or sing along to. 

You can find You and Me and other works by Travis on Spotify and all the major music streaming platforms. 

Follow Travis Cole on Instagram @traviscole69 and on his label’s website to get all the news about his latest projects. We look forward to more amazing tunes Travis can bring to the table.