Toxic is a charming offering from the emerging star Tai Mistyque.


Toxic is the newest release from artist Tai Mistyque, showcasing her unique talents and the smooth sound that she has developed over the years. Toxic is a charming offering, produced by Johnny Innuendo.

Toxic tackles a topic likely to resonate with many – the intoxicating, enchanting period of a powerful love connection. It brings listeners into the state of mind of a fresh, exciting new passion that is just beginning to grow and take root, but that seems to occupy one’s entire mind and being. It tells the story of someone who has just felt the birth of a new love connection and is determined to build and keep it. Focusing on female empowerment, the song encourages women to go after what they want and take the first step to create the connection they feel they need, stereotypes or no stereotypes.

Tai is an artist with thousands of followers who creates enchanting, smooth, and fantastical melodies that can capture the listeners’ attention. With a beautiful voice and charming lyrics, her songs have reached a wide audience.

Tai Mistyque works across genres, blending R&B, EDM, and alternative pop to tell stories about modern women and the power they have to pursue and reach their dreams. The artist herself embodies this mindset better than anyone through her talents and the work she has put into having it all.  

Tai is a songwriter and singer, born and raised in Wisconsin. She has gained a lot of attention thanks to her beautiful vocals and the music that resonates with women everywhere. Her focus is on topics like spirituality, equal rights, and going after your dreams, no matter what, creating inspirational music for anyone who needs it. Toxic is the latest release in her lineup, offering a message of pursuing love and a connection, taking the first step when that chemistry is there.

Tai started her career as a pianist but quickly discovered her love for singing when she was 13. As a young artist, she signed on to Sumthin’ Hot Records, leading to her first album release in 2012. Fun Night was her first album, and many more releases followed, although Tai has chosen to pursue an independent solo career. Her first EP came out in 2020 under the title Last Summer, followed by Be Without Me, a more mature song that came out in January 2021. Tai draws inspiration from powerful female artists like Kehlani, Jasmine Sullivan, and Aaliyah in terms of aesthetic and music, but her sound is all her own.

You can find Toxic on Spotify and all the major platforms. Follow Tai Mistyque on Instagram @tai_mistyque for more information and updates on future releases. 

Find inspiration through Tai’s music, as there is surely a lot more to come.