Get ready to groove to an exciting blend of Rock n Roll and Jazz in Tucker Ronzetti’s latest EP Tired of Troubadours.

Tired of Troubadours is the second EP from artist Tucker Ronzetti. The album defies genre classification and provides listeners with a unique experience with a very stylish title and beautiful music to match. 

Tired of Troubadours features a variety of genres, from rock n’ roll to jazz, creating a wild ride of emotions and experiences. 

The EP deals with a variety of feelings that are sure to resonate with a wide audience. Isolation and heartbreak are reflected in tracks like The Devil Speaks to Me, a thrilling, raw rock song that features exquisite guitar instrumentals. Let’s Stay in Bed, on the other hand, is cozy and warm, jazzy and upbeat, that inspires feelings of warmth and a desire just to dance along. Armageddon Blues mixes jazz, blues, and rock to celebrate everything in the world, be it life or death. The album showcases Tucker’s vocal talents, as well as the unique voice of his daughter Cara and his ability to play the guitar, refined after years of experience. Satan laughs when you ask why, promises you’ll know when you die gives a powerful, emotional outro to the album that leaves the listeners wanting more. The EP ends with In Love Again, featuring a duet with Cara and Tucker that resolves the theme of lost and discovered love with a hopeful note.

Tucker Ronzetti is a songwriter and musician with years of experience working across the east coast of the U.S.A. and a lifetime of experience playing folk, rock, and blues. He has been part of bands like the Remaindermen and Carnival Haggis and is also pursuing a solo career that takes him all over, on an artistic journey through the genres and a physical journey through the world. Ronzetti stands out thanks to his unique style and guitar ability. 


Tired of Troubadours features powerful vocals and a lot of exquisite guitar licks that are sure to please any fan of rock. The genre-busting album is a thrill for rock, blues, and jazz connoisseurs who can enjoy the unique blend of sound. The EP also stands out thanks to its powerful lyrics that cover a lot of raw emotional topics, like love, isolation, loss, and more. With clever words and a charming flair, Tired of Troubadours provides a unique indie experience that is not to be missed. 

Tucker creates a powerful album that is improved by the talents of his daughter Cara. With great vocals and instrumentals, it is a distinct piece with a strong identity of its own, and each song offers a unique emotional experience that takes the listener for a spin across New Orleans and beyond to enjoy the thrill of its many genres. From a strong sense of loss to the charming reunion at the end, the EP is not to be missed by anyone looking for fresh voices on the indie scene. 

You can find Tired of Troubadours on Spotify. Follow Tucker Ronzetti on Facebook and YouTube and stay tuned for new releases, as they are sure to thrill you as well.


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