The Sensational Album ‘Kill Szn’ by American Rapper Kill Cosmos makes You Sing along the Addictive Rap Verses

When it comes to rap, nobody does it better than Kill Cosmos. And like always, his latest album hasn’t disappointed us one bit. Kill Szn by Kill Cosmos is the latest rap album on the market, and it is already making waves on the internet. 

With its unique background music, this album is sure to uplift your mood and give you a dose of confidence and assurance. Tunes are colorful and vibrant, making you nod your head to the lyrics of the tracks. Coming to the lyrics, we absolutely love the repetitive element in the rap. It feels like a mantra. Something you can nod your head to and eventually start believing. It just envelops you into the rhythm, so you can’t help but forget your troubles and move your hips to the catchy beat. The album falls into the genre of rap and hip hop, but many tracks in the list include some jazzy tunes as well. So, Kill Cosmos has managed to create quite a unique blend when it comes to the background. 





Our favorite song from this album has got to be Three Heartbeats. The carefree song gives off the vibes of vibrant, colorful days. It takes you into a much happier and contentious place. Three Heartbeats is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, and you can’t help but keep singing it unconsciously. It slowly makes its way to your heart as well. So, if you are looking for some quality rap, this hip-hop song has the potential to be your new favorite beat. 



The Louisiana-based rapper; Kill Cosmos has certainly proven that he is a musical genius when it comes to rap songs. The laid-back delivery still comes with a certain energy that uplifts your mood. According to the artist, he takes inspiration from his surroundings, taking the ordinary things around him and converting them into music, which is anything but ordinary. His songs also portray his inner turmoil. How he manages his insecurities with sheer determination and confidence. 

So, if you haven’t heard his album yet, go and check it out now! 


Kill Szn by Kill Cosmos is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon and Youtube. You can also check out his Instagram @officialkillcosmos.