Rejuvenate the flavors of rock with Sam Bowman Band’s Album – ‘A Story of Galactic Imperialism: Part I (Acts I – XIII)’

With the intriguing title of A Story of Galactic Imperialism: Part I (Acts I – XIII), Sam Bowman Band offers a progressive and conceptual rock piece that draws from science fiction to create a unique experience. Visionary, innovative, and wild, the EP is a treat for rock lovers and sci-fi enthusiasts.

A Story of Galactic Imperialism is a 13-track piece that follows the steps of epic projects like Dark Side of the Moon and Metropolis Part II: Scenes from a Memory or 2112. It strives to create a truly memorable experience by carefully stringing together a series of top-quality progressive rock tracks that weave a complex narrative with a deep underlying message and profess a powerful love for science fiction. The album is a theatrical sci-fi concept piece. It shows in every element of this carefully constructed album that evokes comparisons to artists like Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and King Crimson.

As the title indicates, there is a Part II of Galactic Imperialism to follow, currently in development by Sam Bowman. The visionary second part is sure to bring more enjoyment to anyone who loved Part I.

The Sam Bowman Band stands out for its use and innovation of multi-media in its creative process. Their album is a demonstration of the truly epic scale they bring to their music and their desire to aim big and take on challenging projects that produce effective results. Sam Bowman made his debut in late 2020 with the single Opportunity, which came out under the name Sam Bowman. Now, with the Sam Bowman Band, the artist offers his second release, an exciting and enthralling project that will bring a lot of new fans. With an innovative way of making rock and commenting on sci-fi themes, A Story of Galactic Imperialism is sure to thrill listeners looking for substance, style, and novelty.

Check out the album on Spotify and all the major music platforms. You can follow the band on Instagram @sambowmanmusicofficial for more information. And stay tuned for A Story of Galactic Imperialism: Part II, blending even more science fiction influences with rock music to create something unforgettable and other future projects that are sure to wow you.


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