The riveting artistry of musician Londynne is depicted through his latest album Starlight

Londynne is an impressive name in the music industry. He has recently launched his album with 12 compositions, Starlight. He has appreciably taken the musical landscape by storm with his incredible portrayal of the multiple music genres like Alt Rock, Hip-Hop, Emo, and Rap in a single album, Starlight. His unique mix of the most extraordinary songs emerging with a catchy aura fascinates all profoundly. The young producer’s genre-fluid strategy is well depicted in the album.

In the album, the artist delves into multiple genres, including Alt Rock, Hip-Hop, Emo, and Rap. The musician uses varied conducive tonalities to intensify the intoxicating treatment in his album. In my opinion, the album has a universal appeal and has been crafted most elegantly. The singer has proved his mettle with flying colors. The artist operates with unlimited creativity to compose his songs that ride beside a thick bassline and a mellow uplifting groove. This leads to offering an outstanding musical journey to the listener.

Each song conveys a unique meaning. It reflects the profound amount of hard work put into each song.

Below are the songs in the album that you would love listening to.

  • Sing Me to Sleep
  • 3k Stars
  • White Rose
  • Dead Still Walking
  • Six Feet Away
  • Starlight
  • Tonight
  • Seventeen
  • Moonlit Room
  • I could Fall into your eyes Forever
  • Coke Fiend
  • Why am I here?

About the Artist Londynne


Londynne is a Los Angeles, California based Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Record label owner. He began producing music at the age of 12—mostly electronic—and kept grinding away till he was 15. At only 13 years of age, he was DJing EDM. Soon, he started producing his own music under the name XVEE.
By the time he turned sixteen, he had started his own record label, YUNG Records. Seven artists have already signed to the label. That is an impressive resume for any artist. Not just that, The vital point that he has achieved all of this at the budding age of 18 is extraordinary.


He says he hopes to leave an impact on every person who presses play on his music. He hopes they find joy, pain, remembrance, or love in it; maybe one day, it will help to change the world, or at least your world.

Check out album Starlight and connect with the artist through Instagram. You can check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

It was an absolute delight listening to the album. I highly recommend you check it out now!


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