The Invigorating Song Lightspeed by Christopher Dallman is Blissfully Soothing and promises a Soulful Experience…

Christopher Dallman launched his latest single “Lightspeed,”, It is available on all music streaming platforms on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020.
His latest album Digital Blue will be released on Sept. 23, 2020.

The intensifying artistry of multi-talented artist Christopher Dallman is exhibited in his latest song Lightspeed. The engrossing aura of the song comprises of an exceptionally heartfelt and melodic composition.


His song is eloquently mixed with an enthralling pop richness. He has given birth to a ravishing new musical form rich in melodic potential.

The newest release, “Lightspeed,” showcases the ups and downs faced by people in Love.

With this song, Christopher Dallman introduces the world to his soulfully intense and deep musical prowess that breathes life to his songs’ symbolic lyricism weaved around the concept of Love.

His singing’s melodic flow finds comfort in the mesmerizing rhythmic flow of his soundscape that has been achieved through careful and intelligent arrangements of electronic music. With his melodic song, the supremely talented artist makes a connection with his audience across the world. The song will definitely draw your attention, and you would want to listen to it again and again!

The video of the song is beautifully crafted. The music video for the release is stunning and expressive. The modern and vivid scenes in the video showcase the essence of Love. The dance moves are catchy. You would want to repeat the same dance moves while listening to it. The videography is just incredible and lovely to watch! Do check it out below:

You can also check out his website and Instagram.


I loved listening to the song and watching the video! What about you?


About the Artist:

The artist is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is famous for his characteristic blend of electro-pop. He started out as an acoustic singer-songwriter and progressed into an electronic Indie Pop artist. He has a trademark style and musical approach that makes his releases a force of nature in the music industry.


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